Thursday, July 30, 2009


They have FML, I say FMC. (Fuck My Cough)

When am I going to recover siol?!
I'm going to cough my lungs and heart out soon. -_-

Finally took pictures with Felicia. Hehe.

Felicia Bandung, Renee Bread face, Nicole Curry Puff.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Fate With Weird Uncles.

Just got home from work and started camwhoring. Wahahaha! It's a habit, sorry. :P

I skipped school today because I was really so damn sleepy. My classmates left after the first period anyway, so luckily I didn't go. Ha!

I was on my way home after work, walking from the coffee shop towards my block, when this weird looking, probably at least 30 year old uncle appeared out of no where and approached me.

Uncle: excuse me?

I was listening to my mp3, so I had to remove my earpiece in order to hear him.

Me: Yes?

Uncle: (Pointing towards the direction in front where I was walking towards) Is this the way to
Sin Ming Road?

Me: Yeah.

Uncle: Oh, thank you...

Me, not knowing that he's going to continue, replaced my earpiece after saying "No problem" to him with a friendly smile.

Uncle: I was...

Me: (remove earpiece) What?

Uncle: I was walking towards the wrong direction just now.

Me: Oh.. (replacing my earpiece)

Inside my head I was thinking, "Oh great, now we're going towards the same direction. -_-)

Uncle: Where you from?

Me: (removing earpiece) What?

Uncle: Where are you from?

Me: I'm local.

Uncle: Oh, is it? You don't look local. You look kinda like Japanese.

Me: -_- Heh, no I'm not. (Forcing myself to give him a polite smile and replacing back my
earpiece AGAIN, trying to walk away with him, but in vain.)

Uncle: I'm ***** (Can't remember his name, and don't wish to anyway!), how do I address you?

Me: (replacing my earpiece AGAIN, this time kind of irritated) Huh?

I know even you are irritated by how many times I removed and replaced my earpiece, tell me
about it! I was damn irritated too. He's so not smart enough to know that when someone has earpiece on, leave him/her alone, because it means I'm not interested to talk to you! It seemed to be oblivious to him. Sigh.

Uncle: I'm *****, how do I adress you?

Me: Errr, Nicole (I was feeling helpless by then)

Uncle: Oh where are you working at?

Me: I'm a student. (I have no chance to replace my earpiece and gave up replacing anyway)

Uncle: Oh from the way you dressed up, I thought you are working already.

Me: I just finished work.

Uncle: Oh, you are half working, half studying?

Me: Yes. (Thinking: That's call part-time, can you go away already?!)

Uncle: Oh, I parked my car there (pointing to the back), do yo stay here? Need a lift from me?

Me: Noooooo, it's ok. (Smiling really hard this time)

Uncle: (Flash out his HP) How can I find you? You have a hp number that I can reach you?

Me: Nah, I don't think so. Sorry.

Uncle: Why? You gave me the direction, and I just... Do I look like a bad guy to you?

Me: (Thinking: YES! You are totally freaking me out!) Uh, nononono.

Uncle: Then can I SMS you? You can not reply if you don't like it.

Me: Sorry, I really don't think so.

Uncle: Why? Do I look like a bad guy to you?

Me: Nonono.

Uncle: If not do you have facebook, friendster or MSN?

Me: Er, no. I don't use those stuff and I seldom go online.

Uncle: (Still not giving up!) Oh then give me your hp number so that we can catch up or

Me: I really don't think so. I don't entertain strangers, sorry.

I was quite shocked that I was actually so blunt to him, but guess what? He was still at it!

Uncle: Well, friends start from strangers what.

Me: (Well, pick someone your own age! Freak.) Sorry, I really don't think so.

Uncle: How do I address you again? Cindy?

Me: -_- Nicole.

Uncle: Hmmm, ok then. I'll see you from here. Bye.

Me: Bye (Dash off)

We were talking while walking by the way, so I was really afraid that he would follow me till I reach the lift. Thank god, he didn't. He walked off just before I reach my block, walking towards the Shunfu Road. Didn't he say he wanted to go to Sin Ming Road? Probably looking for the next target.

Luckily he didn't ask me which block am I staying.

There's this couple walking behind us, and I saw them looking towards my direction. Busybody, but didn't attempt to help me, at all. -.-

You must be thinking why did I even bother to talk to this man, but maybe you were in my shoe
you will know how difficult it is to try ignoring a stranger who is constantly talking to you even when you are listening to your MP3. I wanted to pretend that I couldn't hear him with my earpiece on, but he's walking right beside me so it's not easy.

So irritating la, and I ALWAYS kena. What's with that man? Perhaps my face says, "I'm vulnerable and weak, approach me", leading them to think that I am an easy target.

Fuck these uncle.

I hope I won't see him again.

Laugh Out Loud!

Workers at Sin Ming Ave car workshops were at work like any other day when all of a sudden, a nervous looking LION came out of no where.

Seemingly hungry because of how small his body build is, everyone freaked out, jumping over each other, some locking themselves up in cars and offices, and some just ran away. Everyone was afraid that the LION might start attacking someone.

But one brave soul took the picture of this LION without making a sound.

And guess what?

When the Lion turned around...

It turned out to be just a harmless dog which was left unshaved by one of the co-worker to make it look like a lion. Hahaha! Damn cute right!
When is my cough ever going to recover man! =(

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jerks are everywhere.

For once, Enterprise was fun today. Almost everyone did dressed up for the theme of the day, formal. We were all so excited that in the short half an hour, my classmates and I took 265 photos altogether. Quite a scary number eh? This shows that all my classmates are crazy over camwhoring, just like me. :D

I only uploaded 3 of my solo pictures here in case your IE/Firefox/Google Chrome got crashed after visiting my blog. :P

The rest can be viewed in my facebook account! (:

Story-telling time.
Once, there was this guy, whom I met in the club 4 years ago.

He came over to ask for my contact when I was sitting alone at one of the tables, while my friends were dancing on the dance floor. We did not keep in contact till sometime this year, which was 2 months ago or so.

He called me for almost every day and sweet talk a lot to me, but of course I did not play along with him. This lasted for a few weeks before we finally met up again. I was pretty taken aback when he started putting his arms across my shoulder and sat real close to me and stuff. He even invited me to stay over at his place. We had only met up for the first time after so long, mind you.

I supposed he thought that I actually automatically agreed to be his girlfriend since I met up with him and talked to him on the phone. He did not ask me to be his girlfriend yet at that point of time by the way.

I told him straight to the face that I’m not that kind of girl whom he might had mistaken me for, and did not feel the same way for him. He started saying stuff like he was serious in me, and wanted to settle down with me, like at the age of what?22? What a big joke!

Alright, I’ll just cut the story short.

He thought that I will definitely accept him and he really thinks that he is so gad damn handsome even till now I guess, which he is not, as many of friends agreed as well when I showed them this jackass’ photos.

After me rejecting him straight at the face to deflate his ego, he found himself a girlfriend from god knows where in few days’ time, but I don’t really give a damn, really.

The reason why I’m even blogging about this bastard is because he actually asked me to spend the night with him on MSN, after him being attached. Such a jerk, isn’t he?

He said that he got a fight with his girl and me being his close friend, should keep him accompany. Since when did I become his close friend? Of course, I gave him a piece of my mind. He is not respecting himself as well as me.

You do not treat a friend like that.

He should really go fuck the wall since he is so damn desperate.
Thank goodness I’m not the unlucky one with him. :D

He's not the only jerk that I'd came across so far, but I guess he's one of the worse.

Hell yeah, jerks are everywhere!


Just got home after a long day accompanying Renee to shop for her formal wear for tomorrow’s class and getting trashed in pool.

Window shopped with Renee from the whole of Far East to Ion, Wisma and then Takashimaya. Guess what? Renee did not manage to get anything at all. Can you believe it? Oh my god.

My poor feet had been walking around from place to place and that fussy girl did not even get a single thing! I had to pick stuffs to force her to try them on. Saw lots of things that I wanted to buy though, but I can’t. I’ve got to stop myself from unnecessary impulsive shopping if I really want to save up for my birthday BBQ. ):

My face looked swollen here. =/

Went for a few rounds of pool with Wei Ming, Ryan and his girlfriend and got thrashed very badly, as usual. Haha! The two guys kept cheering and trying to irritate me whenever I get the ball in, damn stupid and annoying. *!@#$

Ryan did not mention that he was bringing his new girlfriend along but only mentioned a female friend, and I felt so much like a huge bright lamp post walking beside them before Wei Ming’s arrival. It was DAMN awkward.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s class to see all of my classmates wearing formal. I want to see Renee with dress! Haha!

I camwhored alot today, so lo and
behold for the next 29 photos, all with my face. :P

Are you sick of my face already? Hahaha!

I wanna play mah-jong!I wanna go shopping!I wanna go KTV!I wanna go clubbing!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Like finally

Finally blogger allowed me to upload my photos, so here it is!

My hair was quite messed up when I got home from school. But still, I camwhored like nobody's business. Haha.


Pretz, My New All Time Favourite Snack!

Drawn by Danial on the whiteboard. (:

Daryl's funeral by Power. Haha!
Damn evil.

Penny Chua spilled water on my laptop, thank god nothing happens, if not.... I'll kill her!
Water disaster surrounding me lately, hmmm. Ok, I'm exaggerating.
Shopping with Renee in 13hours time. Yes, again! :D

Now, who says my blog entries are always wordy? ;)

P/S: OMG Ernest! You remove all my templates! All my links are gone and I'll have to relink. Thanks Ernest! URGH!