Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flu bug killed my cells.

*Ahhhhhhhhhhh choo!*


These are what's coming from me every other seconds, since last night when the flu bug attacked me, and it's getting on my nerves!

I'm currently in class now, AND I SERIOUSLY REGRET COMING TO SCHOOL FOR LESSON! Feel so much like a walking zombie.

I reckon I'm gonna see yet another grade C coming for my Science module today again because of my lack of participation in class, but whatever. I don't give a damn.

My eyes are like getting heavier and heavier and I'm trying so hard to keep them open, and there's Math UT coming up later in the noon some more, Oh my goddddddddd. I hope I can survive till then.

(Coughing even harder now)

I did not bother to even look through the math 6Ps at all, seriously can't be bothered with all these now already and I'm bound to fail again.

Enough of the flu bug and school stuff.

A random thought that happened to run through my mind.

I realised most guys tend to get over relationship stuffs much easier than girls do. I stated most, NOT all, just in case some of the guys did not read properly and start defending for yourselves. (:

What makes me think so?

The guy friends whom I came across so far, got over their broken relationship with their ex girlfriends really fast. By fast I mean between 1 to 3 months or so. I wonder how they did it. I mean, how can a person be so firm or so called heartless to just forget about those sweet memories they had with their ex girlfriend who used to be an "oh-so important part of their life" so fast, just because they want to.

I don't know if I should name this amusing or amazing. I hope I have this ability too, that would save me from all the miserable moments that I had been through.

Yes, I did not come to this conclusion just based on one guy, but quite a number of them.

Maybe 3 months is considered long for some of you, but not to me. If 3 months is long, how about me taking more than 10 months to get over this kind of shit? I feel like I'm lagging far behind compared to them, and it's really time for me to move away from the spot that I had been circling round and round already.

Thanks to him*, I learnt how to appreciate and love myself more now, treating myself better than before. But also thanks to him*, I do not trust and have faith in relationship now. I don't think I will want to get involve in a relationship anytime soon, although I had already parted with him* for more than 10 months now.

I am enjoying my single life now, hanging out with whoever I want, dating as many different guys as I want, doing stuffs with my friends that I could not do when I was in a relationship. Ok, I was just kidding about the dating as many guys as I want part, alright. Most importantly, I do not have to constantly wonder what my partner is thinking or doing, and etc. Freedom is the word. (:

Thinking back of all the foolish deed that I've done, be it for his sake, my sake or our sake, it makes me wanna laugh out loudly and call myself silly. But I guess it's just one of the stages in life that everyone will have to go through. YOU might be the next one. :P

So my conclusion is, all guys are fools who only know how to bullshit! Hahaha.

I thought that UT2 are so much more manageable than UT1 siak. Should be able to at least pass all the modules except for Science. I did not study at all for the papers man. Maybe I did went through a little of the 6Ps for Cognitive, which half way through my migraine started to haunt me again, leaving me no choice but to stop, and that's it. I did not study for anything after that. Haha!

One more Programming paper on Thursday and I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait, can't wait! :D

Dwelling in the past is futile. Indeed.

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