Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fujitsu sucks big time.

The title is exactly how I feel about Fujitsu now. I will stop defending for those who criticised that Fujitsu/my laptop sucks. I totally agree to the max.

My laptop has been giving me endless problems for the past 3 months and it is really getting on my nerves! It started giving me problems again since last night by lagging for like 30mins for each icon that I clicked, it is that bad. I couldn't even submit my school work and stuff if not for Michael's help.

I could not do anything with my laptop till I called Fujitsu this morning to settle the problem myself, and it's finally working fine now!

I only have myself to blame for being so careless with my belonging. I even dropped my laptop in the toilet few days ago and the battery lock cracked. I bet my hard disk was badly "wounded" as well, and now it's throwing tantrums. I will need to hit the service center soon again to fix the god damn lock.

After so long of not working, I started working again last evening and it was really dreadful for me. I am so not motivated to go for work anymore, I'm getting sick and tired of that place. SIGH.

Went down to ION with Daphne after school to walk around since it was still early and also tried the newly opened "Dunkin Donut". 6 Donuts for 2 pax, by the time we shared the 4th one, we were about to throw up already. Never, never eat so many donuts at one go, because you might never want to touch them anymore after that. Grossed.

The pictures look far more tempting and mouth-watering than the one you will be eating.

Kobe Bryant dropped by at Wisma Atria last evening for his Nike Asia Tour and I've got the best view ever in my shop because my shop was located near the exit, without needing to squeeze with those pathetic junkies on the pathway who were trying so hard to squeeze through just to take a peek at him while he was taking his leave. LOL. :x


Working again tonight, so dread going to work boy! ):

Last but not least, don't ever buy Fujitsu ok?! Is sucks more than anything. Haha!

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