Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I want my voice back.

Great, my voice is totally ruined by now.

I swear that the first thing that I am going to do with my voice back, is to get back to the fools who tried to disturb and make fun of my "manly" voice today! Haha!

Especially you, Azmil Jamil! I think he did not get scoldings for me today, he felt damn uneasy thus he kept asking me to talk and tried very hard to agitate me so that I can open my mouth and start scolding him. Stupid fool.

They even went to the extend to stand beside me in the queue during our break to listen to how I'm going to order my food, so dumb can? Daryl asked me to go KTV with them again today on purpose and made fun of how my singing would sound like, coarse and awful.

Terrible la these people. ):

Karma shall befall on all of you, haha!

Talking about being ill reminds me of the 2 thermometer incident. This was what happened.

Yesterday morning when I was in the bus searching high and low for my god damn thermometer, but in vain. So, because of some dumb rule that RP set, which is to show our thermometer to the guards before we can enter the campus, due to the temperature exercise that we have in school everyday. I was left with no choice, but to purchase a new thermometer in school which cost me $6. (Outside is only selling at $4.50, those cheater bugs!)

I went back to class after that, and tried looking for my old thermometer again because I remembered me replacing it back into my bag after I took my temperature on the day before. Guess what? I found it! In the exact same spot where I was searching for earlier on. I was damn pissed with myself can! I'm so freaking bloody blind and stupid la. *Pout*

No point complaining much, because I could not refund the thermometer to the shop anyway.

My stupidity did not end here.

Usually after using my old thermometer, I would always wash the entire thing with water and did not encounter any problem. So, being extremely "smart", I did the same to my new thermometer. When I took out my new thermometer today, I was totally freaked out. To my horror, I saw yellowish-brown liquid "flooding" inside the container that contains my thermometer. I was like what the fuck is that?! I guess that thermometer is not supposed to be washed like the way I did, because of the battery or whatsoever, and it could not be turned on. I had only used it for ONE TIME!


Another stupid thing that I did, but I thought since my old thermometer has no problem then the new one should have no problem either. BAH!

Maybe I should type this into huh? Haha.

Something else "interesting" happened in my class today.

Another fighting case occured, but this time round it involved one of my classmates and some ah beng from other class. The reason was damn lame, so I shall not elaborate further. That ah beng was damn useless, he came all the way to my class to look for my classmate but end up, when the security came to put a halt to the fight, he claimed that it was my classmate who started it. What the hell right? Super ball-less.

The funny thing is, 2 months ago when something similar like this happened in class between 2 of my classmates involving one guy and one girl, it was the same guy who was involved in what happened today. This shows that maybe he really need to learn to chill and cool down a little. Haha.

The only good news I have for today is that tomorrow is the last paper! WOOHOO!

Today's RJ question sucks:

"What is the key point that you learnt from today's 6p?"

Damn it, she should know nobody is listening. Haha.

Some dumb picture that my classmates took using my webcam, without my consent when I was away from my laptop, and they set them as my wallpaper, like AGAIN. =.=

Daryl Pravin Blackie, he love doing this when others
are away from keyboard. Haha.

Danial monkey see, monkey do.

Power: Eh Nicole, your voice like that how you order your chicken rice just now?
(Me keeping quiet because I don't want to hear my own voice. I had been keeping quiet throughout the day be the way. It's a torture.)
Daryl: She point to the chicken then she point to my hand for roasted chicken rice.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So funny siakkkkk! He admit it himself.

You get the joke? If not, then you are a stupid fool, just like Azmil. HAHA.

Off to complete my schoolwork and revision, later! (:

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