Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Indeed, my sore throat got worse and I did not turn up for my Enterprise lesson today.

Last night was an agony for me. I turned off my laptop and went to bed at around 1am, and guess what? Due to my painful sore throat, I could not even sleep at all. When my alarm clock rang at 6am, my brain was still stuck there, not being able to drift of to the dreamland. =.=

I decided to rest at home to try catch some sleep before heading to school for my UT, in case I collapse before my test.

Thank god I went for my Enterprise UT today, I got back the result for my UT1 for Enterprise, and saw an E can! I don't know how I managed to do that. I knew I would not do well for that module, but didn't expect it to be THIS bad. So disappointing. =(

I reckon I will do better for my UT2, it is much more easier than the previous one, although I did not even revise. (:

When I reached my class, all my classmates outcast me claiming that I've got H1N1 virus (jokingly, of course!) and tried to shoo me away, and thanks to Melody, I was forced by Ms CCL to either wear a mask in class or to come back to class after 330pm for UT.


So, I rather chose to wear the mask instead, and turn out to look like this....

I look like some robber, waiting to rob the bank. Haha. Daryl joked that I looked better this way. LOL. _|_

The mask was big enough to cover my whole face actually. I came to realise how uncomfortable and stuffy it is wearing a mask.

Math UT tomorrow, so not feel like revising.

3 papers down, 2 more to go!
Go Nicole, you can make it!

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