Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Friday! :D

Yay, it's friday again! (:

I'm stucked at home right now with stomach cramp and thankfully nobody jioed me out to club tonight, if not I might just collapse on the dance floor or something. I so feel like hitting the club now! BOO.

But still, I'm glad that it's Friday which means there's no school tomorrow and I can sleep all I want. Awesome!

My cramp was so bad that I almost died in class, and Norman excused me to present my PPT, seated.

Daryl was tested positive for H1N1 last night, which was pretty weird. He was still jumping around in school yesterday and looked perfectly fine to me, and the next minute he was infected with H1N1. I wonder where he got it from. I’m sure most of us will miss his jokes for the next one week. God bless you Daryl, although half the time you were bullying me with your stupid actions. (:

My cough is back again, which I don’t understand why. I hope I didn't get infected or anything man.

Except for the small fight that broke out in class today which revolved the same ah beng, the class was a tad less noisy and chaotic today without the biggest joker, Daryl in class. Haha. I don't know what's up with all that fighting. We are all going to separate from each other soon in few week's time and I really hope we can all spend our time together as a class wisely and cherish the wonderful time altogether. Ok, I'm getting all sentimental. LOL. But I’m so gonna miss W14A. ):

Went to Fujitsu Service Centre with Renee's company regards to my laptop and damn, I would have to pay $200 just to repair the god damn battery lock and to fix the loose side of my laptop. All because it is external damage, so no warranty coverage.

In short, I wasted my trip there and we end up shopping in Suntec and I spent for the unnecessary stuff again. I bought a red high waisted hot pants in Topshop which fits me perfectly with the irresistible price. I can hardly get pants in places like Topshop, forever21, Miss Selfridge and etc without feeling as if it is dropping off unless I shop in the Petite section. Tell me, how to not get it right? I will be letting myself down if I don't. :P

I am so freaking tired after all the walking that the minute I close my eyes in the bus, I doze off almost immediately.

I think that I will always do something stupid for at least once a day like it’s a daily routine for me.

For example, yesterday after going lunch at Causeway Point with Eehwa, Daphne, Mike, Azmil, Din, Kadim and Alvin, Eehwa and Mike went off and the rest of us went to Civic Plaza’s library to finish off our RJ before I head to my workplace.

We were walking towards the escalator directing upwards. Daphne and I were talking to each other with the guys walking behind us when Daphne suddenly shouted my name upon reaching the escalator. I was walking towards the escalator directing downwards, and the guys were laughing behind waiting for free show and jokingly blamed Daphne for spoiling the fun. How evil can they be huh?

Today, I went to the ladies alone in the morning before entering the class and my bag and laptop bag were with me. I can’t possibly use the toilet with my hands full, so I checked the sink and assume that it was clean because it looked clean, duh. So I put my laptop down right beside the sink. To my horror, when I picked up my laptop, water were dripping from my laptop and I then realised there was a pool of water right where I left my laptop. I unzipped my laptop bag and remove my laptop from the bag immediately. Thank god, only a very small portion of the side got wet. How dumb.

That was not all. I just caused a flood in the kitchen 2 hours ago and got reprimanded by my mum. Details shall not be shared because it’s a long grandmother story, but I did not do it on purpose. This reminds me of what he* used to always say about me that I always cause disaster. =(

Sorry for yet another wordy entry. I’ve got heaps of photos to upload but is screwed up again, so I shall upload them tomorrow. Stay tune!

Remember to wear formal to school on Monday W14A! More photo taking. (:

P/S: Seriously, I think that you have got no life. Stop bothering me and get a life dude!
And to you, I don’t know what are you thinking, come and go as you wish. The most amusing thing is, you can sms me regards to a new issue, forgetting about the promise you made, or I suppose you deliberately chose to remove that piece of memory from that god-knows-what-is-inside brain of yours? Whatever it is, it is none of my business anymore. (:

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