Monday, July 27, 2009

Jerks are everywhere.

For once, Enterprise was fun today. Almost everyone did dressed up for the theme of the day, formal. We were all so excited that in the short half an hour, my classmates and I took 265 photos altogether. Quite a scary number eh? This shows that all my classmates are crazy over camwhoring, just like me. :D

I only uploaded 3 of my solo pictures here in case your IE/Firefox/Google Chrome got crashed after visiting my blog. :P

The rest can be viewed in my facebook account! (:

Story-telling time.
Once, there was this guy, whom I met in the club 4 years ago.

He came over to ask for my contact when I was sitting alone at one of the tables, while my friends were dancing on the dance floor. We did not keep in contact till sometime this year, which was 2 months ago or so.

He called me for almost every day and sweet talk a lot to me, but of course I did not play along with him. This lasted for a few weeks before we finally met up again. I was pretty taken aback when he started putting his arms across my shoulder and sat real close to me and stuff. He even invited me to stay over at his place. We had only met up for the first time after so long, mind you.

I supposed he thought that I actually automatically agreed to be his girlfriend since I met up with him and talked to him on the phone. He did not ask me to be his girlfriend yet at that point of time by the way.

I told him straight to the face that I’m not that kind of girl whom he might had mistaken me for, and did not feel the same way for him. He started saying stuff like he was serious in me, and wanted to settle down with me, like at the age of what?22? What a big joke!

Alright, I’ll just cut the story short.

He thought that I will definitely accept him and he really thinks that he is so gad damn handsome even till now I guess, which he is not, as many of friends agreed as well when I showed them this jackass’ photos.

After me rejecting him straight at the face to deflate his ego, he found himself a girlfriend from god knows where in few days’ time, but I don’t really give a damn, really.

The reason why I’m even blogging about this bastard is because he actually asked me to spend the night with him on MSN, after him being attached. Such a jerk, isn’t he?

He said that he got a fight with his girl and me being his close friend, should keep him accompany. Since when did I become his close friend? Of course, I gave him a piece of my mind. He is not respecting himself as well as me.

You do not treat a friend like that.

He should really go fuck the wall since he is so damn desperate.
Thank goodness I’m not the unlucky one with him. :D

He's not the only jerk that I'd came across so far, but I guess he's one of the worse.

Hell yeah, jerks are everywhere!

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