Sunday, July 26, 2009

Like finally

Finally blogger allowed me to upload my photos, so here it is!

My hair was quite messed up when I got home from school. But still, I camwhored like nobody's business. Haha.


Pretz, My New All Time Favourite Snack!

Drawn by Danial on the whiteboard. (:

Daryl's funeral by Power. Haha!
Damn evil.

Penny Chua spilled water on my laptop, thank god nothing happens, if not.... I'll kill her!
Water disaster surrounding me lately, hmmm. Ok, I'm exaggerating.
Shopping with Renee in 13hours time. Yes, again! :D

Now, who says my blog entries are always wordy? ;)

P/S: OMG Ernest! You remove all my templates! All my links are gone and I'll have to relink. Thanks Ernest! URGH!

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