Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Fate With Weird Uncles.

Just got home from work and started camwhoring. Wahahaha! It's a habit, sorry. :P

I skipped school today because I was really so damn sleepy. My classmates left after the first period anyway, so luckily I didn't go. Ha!

I was on my way home after work, walking from the coffee shop towards my block, when this weird looking, probably at least 30 year old uncle appeared out of no where and approached me.

Uncle: excuse me?

I was listening to my mp3, so I had to remove my earpiece in order to hear him.

Me: Yes?

Uncle: (Pointing towards the direction in front where I was walking towards) Is this the way to
Sin Ming Road?

Me: Yeah.

Uncle: Oh, thank you...

Me, not knowing that he's going to continue, replaced my earpiece after saying "No problem" to him with a friendly smile.

Uncle: I was...

Me: (remove earpiece) What?

Uncle: I was walking towards the wrong direction just now.

Me: Oh.. (replacing my earpiece)

Inside my head I was thinking, "Oh great, now we're going towards the same direction. -_-)

Uncle: Where you from?

Me: (removing earpiece) What?

Uncle: Where are you from?

Me: I'm local.

Uncle: Oh, is it? You don't look local. You look kinda like Japanese.

Me: -_- Heh, no I'm not. (Forcing myself to give him a polite smile and replacing back my
earpiece AGAIN, trying to walk away with him, but in vain.)

Uncle: I'm ***** (Can't remember his name, and don't wish to anyway!), how do I address you?

Me: (replacing my earpiece AGAIN, this time kind of irritated) Huh?

I know even you are irritated by how many times I removed and replaced my earpiece, tell me
about it! I was damn irritated too. He's so not smart enough to know that when someone has earpiece on, leave him/her alone, because it means I'm not interested to talk to you! It seemed to be oblivious to him. Sigh.

Uncle: I'm *****, how do I adress you?

Me: Errr, Nicole (I was feeling helpless by then)

Uncle: Oh where are you working at?

Me: I'm a student. (I have no chance to replace my earpiece and gave up replacing anyway)

Uncle: Oh from the way you dressed up, I thought you are working already.

Me: I just finished work.

Uncle: Oh, you are half working, half studying?

Me: Yes. (Thinking: That's call part-time, can you go away already?!)

Uncle: Oh, I parked my car there (pointing to the back), do yo stay here? Need a lift from me?

Me: Noooooo, it's ok. (Smiling really hard this time)

Uncle: (Flash out his HP) How can I find you? You have a hp number that I can reach you?

Me: Nah, I don't think so. Sorry.

Uncle: Why? You gave me the direction, and I just... Do I look like a bad guy to you?

Me: (Thinking: YES! You are totally freaking me out!) Uh, nononono.

Uncle: Then can I SMS you? You can not reply if you don't like it.

Me: Sorry, I really don't think so.

Uncle: Why? Do I look like a bad guy to you?

Me: Nonono.

Uncle: If not do you have facebook, friendster or MSN?

Me: Er, no. I don't use those stuff and I seldom go online.

Uncle: (Still not giving up!) Oh then give me your hp number so that we can catch up or

Me: I really don't think so. I don't entertain strangers, sorry.

I was quite shocked that I was actually so blunt to him, but guess what? He was still at it!

Uncle: Well, friends start from strangers what.

Me: (Well, pick someone your own age! Freak.) Sorry, I really don't think so.

Uncle: How do I address you again? Cindy?

Me: -_- Nicole.

Uncle: Hmmm, ok then. I'll see you from here. Bye.

Me: Bye (Dash off)

We were talking while walking by the way, so I was really afraid that he would follow me till I reach the lift. Thank god, he didn't. He walked off just before I reach my block, walking towards the Shunfu Road. Didn't he say he wanted to go to Sin Ming Road? Probably looking for the next target.

Luckily he didn't ask me which block am I staying.

There's this couple walking behind us, and I saw them looking towards my direction. Busybody, but didn't attempt to help me, at all. -.-

You must be thinking why did I even bother to talk to this man, but maybe you were in my shoe
you will know how difficult it is to try ignoring a stranger who is constantly talking to you even when you are listening to your MP3. I wanted to pretend that I couldn't hear him with my earpiece on, but he's walking right beside me so it's not easy.

So irritating la, and I ALWAYS kena. What's with that man? Perhaps my face says, "I'm vulnerable and weak, approach me", leading them to think that I am an easy target.

Fuck these uncle.

I hope I won't see him again.

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