Friday, July 17, 2009

Party time!

Din, Dan, Kadim and Azmil are supposed to treat Daphne and me lunch for the upcoming 4 weeks, which is equivalent to one month! :D

On our way back from Causeway Point to Woodlands MRT Station, we saw Sherra and the 4 guys bullshit that she has got a twin sister, and we did not believe so. Eehwa later on added on that she thinks it is true because she heard someone said so. But, I know that all my classmates love to crap, especially the guys, so since she heard it from our very own classmates, I doubt it to be true. So the four guys dare us to bet with them $50 whether if she really does have one, and deal, we were on!

Being confident that they were totally lying through their teeth, I pretended that I called Sherra up to ask her about it and pretended that she told me it was not true. They then appeared to be unfirm about what they had claimed to be true and I was now 100% confirmed that it is false!

Guess what happened next? I saw Sherra standing in front, which is just a stone throw away, I ran towards her to confront her about that issue, and I was right that it was false.

So it obviously meant that we won! But those sore loser just won't concede defeat to us and start giving alot of excuses. Kental sia! Get ready to lose next time you make a bet alright! But still, I'm gonna pester you guys on starting from Monday for treats. Muahahaha!

Clarke Quay in 2 hours time. Can't wait, can't wait! WOOHOO!

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