Friday, July 17, 2009

Screwed up.

I'm totally screwed up by Programming UT today. Only managed to attempt 2 out of 8 questions in the test boy! It's that bad. Haha. I spend more than half the time trying to solve one particular question but still! I failed to find the solution!

I see a grade 'F' coming my way... Ahhh, whatever!

I think I really need to buck up on my studies and stop fooling around in school already!

I went only for my UT today due to my "half-recovered" voice and the need to do presentation for Mathematics module. I've been skipping classes so much recently all because of the god damn flu bug.

Headed to Dhoby Ghaut to catch "The Haunting In Connecticut" with Mel, Eehwa, Azmil, Din, Dan and Mike.

Some fool told me that is is NOT a horror movie but a thriller, so I happily got cheated into watching it, and ended up watching horror. =.=

As usual, you can see me blocking my vision from the movie screen with my hands every other second to avoid seeing the horror scene. That is why I resent watching horror show so much to go through all that trouble preventing myself to watch the horror scene and stuff. It is a tiring thing for me to keep my hands up all the time you know?

It's not like I am against myself watching horror. I love watching horror actually, but is still afraid to watch it. It's a very complex thing for you to understand, haha.

I mean if you want to watch horror, the main point is to catch the horrifying part, if not what is the whole point of watching it right?

So, back to the movie. It's based on true story, but not very entertaining though. Din even fell asleep in the middle of the movie, and I have to snap my finger at his ear to wake him up.

The storyline was ok, but if you are looking for a good scare, then this is definitely not for you.
Despite so, you can still hear me screaming at some point of time, but that is just normal. Basically, I scream at anything and everything. Hahaha.

It's pretty embarrassing especially when it's not a very horrifying scene and I can only hear myself. E.g, when the dishes fell to the ground. I even screamed when I was watching Ice Age 3 can? Yeah, indeed very dumb I know.

It's not that tough to scare me and that is why I always get scared by Daryl in school and anywhere else whenever he tried to hide at one turning corner waiting to scare me. He's just another fool who does retarded stuff. Haha.

I rate it 2 out of 5 hotdogs.

At the ending part where the male lead actor laid unconscious on the ground, I bet with Azmil, who's just sitting next to me that he is not dead and I won! So lunch's on him tomorrow. Muahahahaha.

Oh yes, some of my friends had been saying that I'm ill-treating my laptop by always throwing it from at least 1 to 2cm above the ground. I am now very conscious about me spoiling my laptop. But, it’s just a cm or 2, will there even be an impact? I'm so worried that my laptop will die in my hands one day. The possibility is quite high, since I always take my belongings for granted. =(

I'm so glad that UT's over! WOOHOO!

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