Sunday, July 19, 2009


Great weekend spent, with my secondary school peeps. (:

Met Jieyun, Stanley and Corliss for supper at Boat Quay (not Clarke Quay, which I made a mistake on the previous post) and headed to Honey Pub to chill after Desmond and gang joined in.

It was so infuriating because I have to restrain myself from singing too much due to my post sore throat voice which is not fully recovered yet.

Didn't want to sing at all initially, because I don't want people who haven't hear me singing before to assume that my voice actually sound like that, when I actually sounds 100 times better. Hahaha. Just kidding! But it is true. Haha!

But due to the encouragement from my friends, and the temptation to sing, I did sing a few songs, my voice sounds horrible, I tell you! It is grossed. =(

Had only a few shots of alcohol because I don't want to end up being drunk or having hang over the next day, and I realise something, the waitresses in pubs usually only speak to the guys and treats the female customers as transparent. Why is that so? Hmmm...

Daphne was in another Pub down the street and came over to look for me later on. We chilled there till 4 plus 5 when the boys were finally willing to part with the microphones and KTV system. I was so shagged by that time and I only managed to sleep at 7am. =.=

Didn't want to attend my friend's birthday party this evening because I was so tired that I could not even open my eyes when my alarm clock rang at 4pm. But on second thought I felt bad if I were to tell my friends that I didn't want to go on the last minute, so I dragged my feet off my bed.

Met Jiehwee, Ed and SX at Bishan to get Jinyuen's birthday gift and headed to his birthday party.

Had lots of good laugh and something funny and stupid happened to me at my friend's chalet. It was really DARN FUNNY!

SX and me were talking at one corner and he was asking me to stand on top of the drain to see if my heels will get stuck in the gaps between the drain. I do not know what's got over me, and I somehow lost balance and in the quickest speed, my left leg fell right into a hole that is big and deep enough to allow my leg to enter, all the way up to my thigh.

I don't know what the fuck is the hole doing there, SX joked that it was a mice nest and I was totally freaked out. Someone please tell me that is not true!

Anyway, back to my leg that got into that darn hole. Thankfully, according to SX, no one saw what happened to me except SX, who saw the whole process from how I lost my balance to how my left leg fell into the hole, and his reaction was SO calm that there was no reaction at all. I guess he was too shock to react. HAHAHA.

I was laughing sooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn hard at how stupid I was and also at his reaction, which is equivalent to none. Haha! I had to make myself sited by the drain and lift my leg up slowly by myself (laughing at the same time), and he was not helping at all, but just asking me calmly if I was ok. Hahahaha.

Normally when you see situation like this, you will be shocked and nervous, trying to help the person up quickly but he did not because he was afraid that if he helped to pull my leg up, my shoe might fell off and I doubt I can get it back if that happens. I mean, who will want to stick his or her hand into that hole to retrieve it back for me right? Hahaha.

He made a funny remark that, maybe someone did saw me going down but thought I was making myself sitted, so did not read too much into it. HAHAHA. It was really damn funny. It's an inside joke, so if you don't get it, I totally understand. Ha!

We sit around for a while and went over to arcade for a few rounds of table soccer, or whatever you call that and went for supper after that.

Bumped into a few others of our secondary school friends in AMK. (:

Oh yes, having headache of how I should celebrate my 21st birthday this year. Since it is going to be my 21st, I do not want that significant day to pass on just like any other day, but at the same time I am also too lazy to plan. I want to book a bbq pit or something where I can gather all my friends together but I am afraid that I might neglect some of them and thinking solely about the process of planning and stuff, just make me sick. Oh man.

Awww, I miss my secondary school life so much. ):

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