Sunday, August 30, 2009

Me Love Holiday! :D

I'm back here to blog after having fun for so many days non stop, all that movie marathon, it's crazy man! But I love it. :D

I don't know where to start talking about how I spent my holiday, but I'm pretty sure I had already watched almost all the movie. You name it, I watch it.

Caught “Final Destination” with Azmil, Eriec, Eehwa and Mike on Thursday. Super gore and exaggerating movie, I must say. It makes me think of the show whenever I’m at the place similar to the scenarios of the movie.
I rate this 3/5.
Let's see, I went for an interview together with Renee and Jieyun at Red Hill for Automobile's GPS for the IT Show in the noon on Friday but I don't think they are recruiting us, oh whatever.

I'm not really into that 4 days job anyway, especially when the GM who interviewed us told us about how we had to wear short skirts and that there will be 4 or 5 models walking around, trying to pull customers to the booth to look at the products. I don't mind wearing skirt, at all. But I can't stand the way when that GM stated, "it must be above knee length, there'll be people around, and they will be looking at you." What the hell is he trying to say? He looks damn tiko. LOL.

It's not like we are applying for showgirls in the Car Event or something. Weird.

Planned to catch "The Orphan" after that but in vain because firstly, Renee Potatoh was so damn reluctant to watch thriller and secondly, the only slot was at 7:45pm and it was already selling fast at what? 12pm! We can't possibly wait down there from 12pm till 7pm anyway. If not Jieyun and me would have watch that movie, leaving Renee alone. Hahaha! *Smirks

I must say I had no fate with "The Orphan" that day, more about that later.
Rate it 3/5.
So, after the movie, went to walk around with Renee while Jieyun went for her home tutoring.
Jieyun and me was quite disappointed that we couldn't watch "The Orphan", so I suggested that we can watch it before we go for the BBQ.

So, after a quick shopping, I went home and my sister suggested to go catch "The Orphan" after her "date" and I agreed. I told her that the ticket at 7:45pm was already selling fast earlier on, so I told her to go get the tickets quickly before it was too late.

I was all ready, and left the house when my sister suddenly called and told me that there's only 2 seats left available and we had to be separated by 5 to 6 strangers, how frustrating? I was already on the way and I remembered quite vividly that when she called me, it was already near to 7:15pm.

She told me that she thought that I wouldn't want that 2 sucky seats and so she left the queue. I couldn't care how we were gonna be separated as long as she get the tickets since I'm already out of the house, rushing for that particular movie, so I told her to just get the 2 tickets and we might just ask if the people sitting next to us to shift in for us to sit together or something, I remembered that I told her very clearly to JUST GO GET THE TICKETS FIRST.

But guess what my smart sister did?

She happily left Cineleisure and went to Paragon, thinking that what I meant was for her to wait for me to reach there to go get the tickets together, and on my side, I thought that she already got the tickets and is just waiting for me to reach. -.-

So anyway, in the end when I reached and she told me what she did, I was soooooooooo freaking angry and speechless about her being so smart, but could do nothing about it. She didn't even take note of the time.

We rushed to Cineleisure and the tickets were sold out, great. That was not the worse case, every other movie that I had not watch yet were all SOLD OUT! I totally didn't know what to say about my sis man. -.-

She admitted that she was quite dumb only after my long persuasion.

We ended up having dinner at Kopitiam and went home. LL~

No fate with that movie, totally.

Yesterday just before JH's birthday BBQ, JY, her bf (I can't remember his name), Corliss Chee and me went to watch "The Last House On The Left" at AMK Hub and headed to the BBQ after our happy meal at Mac. LOL.
Rate it 3/5.

Was deciding where to go after the BBQ since the night was still young, and so Corliss checked the movie slots for "The Orphan", and there was a late night slot at Bugis, was so glad we can finally watch it, and yes we never give up. LOL.

I rate this movie 4.5/5. It was really awesome, although 9/10 of the scary scenes were blocked out by my hands already. Wahaha!

Corliss kept saying that I'm like his GF of the day going on a double date with JY and her boy, and kept going on about how lucky I was. Nonsense, he was actually the lucky one. HAHA! Just kidding. =X

Both thrillers were great, but "The Orphan" is obviously way better and it totally freaked me out. The “little girl” is so freaking violent, god.

I had to run home after that and pleading my sister to wait for me at the door, it's that bad.

I couldn't stop thinking about it for even a second when I was bathing. =/

It was a nice scare though, people who are in for a good scare should not miss this. (:

I only manage to sleep at 5am because of Mr Annoying's phonecall. LOL.

Decided to go try our luck with Apple with JY, Azmil and Renee since that GPS interview was not successful, and we got in on the spot. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~

I can't wait for the day to start man, it's gonna be fun!

Planned to go for KTV session with Corliss after the interview but was really too exhausted and the rates was so expensive, so I canceled the plan and went home after dinner.

Still thinking if I should join Andrea for Zouk this Wednesday? Hmmm...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodbye W14A ! =(

First of all, I wanna congratulate me and my fellow classmates that finally, our UTs are over, which means the long holiday is finally here!! :D

Time to partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


I'm excited about everything and anything except for the fact that my grades gonna suffer for sure, especially Programming! And that, I'm gonna be split up with all my classmates. How sad! ):

But, I guess I will get used to it very soon, since I will have to go through this routine every end of each semester. -.-

One big regret is that no group photos were taken on our last day in W14A, because right after the UT answers were uploaded, everyone had already packed and is all ready to dash out of the class. Like, what the hell? All so unfeeling uh?!

Only managed to take a few shots with Renee, Laila, Fel and Daphne. SIGH!

Went Serangoon Garden for KTV because Daryl Pravin Penguin was so damn eager to sing after the first time we all went together and had dinner at Chomp Chomp!

Had alot of good laughs with them as usual. Will never forget Daryl's nonsense and how Daphne's skirt flew up! Hahahahaha! Azmil will not be there to carry our stuff for us again. Who's gonna help me carry my laptop sia? LOL. =/

I wish I can still stick to block 'W1' which is the nearest to the entrance of the school, so that there will be smaller probability for me to be late for school, and that we guys can still meet up and keep in close contact in the next following semesters or even years. I'm so gonna miss everyone!

Can't wait for 29 Sept for Renee Potatoh and Ernest's Birthday so that everyone of us can gather together once again. :D

Oh yes, I caught 2 great movies and I thought you guys might want to go catch them too. Proposal and District 9. (:

I'm super lazy to blog already. Hahaha!

The one and only photo that every single soul of W14A is in.
W14A, always be remembered! (:

See you when I see you! :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm starting to feel lazy and reluctant to blog already. =/

Haven't been feeling very well for the past few days, or should I say past few months? My cough is still with me, and not going away!

Guess what? My 3rd bottle of cough syrup is gone, but my cough is not gone yet. How irritating can that be?

Actually, I have myself to blame and deserved it because, I was so stubborn and did not visit the doctor, although my cough led to fever few days back but that did not stop myself from eating junk food. I even had bubble tea and fiery drumlets yesterday. Haha.

So tell me who caused this cough bug to be stucked with me?

Last Thursday was Eehwa birthday, my classmates and me bought her cake before class and camwhored abit. I'm freaking lazy to upload photos now though, so if you want to view them, you can go to my Facebook. :D

Oh yes, we did the same thing to Daryl and Power while they were out of the classrooms, which is taking pictures of ourselves using their webcams and setting them to their wallpaper and DP in MSN. Muahaha!

Was introduced to a website, "Who Lives Near You?" by Renee. I know the website has been up for quite a while but I wasn't interested to sign up anyway.

So, when Renee and me were supposingly studying at AMK library, we did not do so for even a single bit. All we did were playing games, facebook-ing, and MSN. In short, wasting our time. LOL!

The table behind me happened to be RP students as well, and they were seriously mugging with Math worksheet sia. How I wished I could motivate myself to do that.

I was playing "Strawberry Shortcake in Facebook when Renee told me that they were looking at m Laptop, for what I also don't know? Busybody. :X

Being bo liao, I signed up for that WLNY thingy, and we were like 2 siao char bors laughing and talking about the weird people in there who sent us messages. There's really alot of weirdo, I tell you. Damn funny! Wanted to post the photos here but on second thought, it's pretty mean to do that, so dropped the idea.

I also came to know that my ex bf actually used that network too and pretty am sure it was not before we were together, since his photos are all recent ones and some were taken by me when were together. I saw one of his photo with some girl, and I actually didn't feel a thing, except of being kpo if that's her new gf. Just being concerned as a FRIEND, of course.

Conclusion is, I guess I'm totally over him already, good grief! :D

UT3's nightmare is here, I should start mugging already. ):

P/S So looking forward to party after my test.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Halfway through the lesson today, Azmil, Melody, Alvin, Danial, Din, Eehwa, Michael and me left.
Azmil, Melody and me are in the same group and after the three of us left, only Terence and Chen Cheng stayed in our group, damn pathetic. HAHA!

I was very responsible though, I completed the worksheet with them and send them a copy of my friend's PPT for reference. LOL. :P

The couple went home while the rest of us went to Cineleisure to catch "Up 3D".

The movie was so touching and heart warming, and I cried when the old man was flipping through the "Adventure Book". Where to find such a doting and loving husband and wife nowadays?

Dragged my feet to work as usual, and guess what? My cough is getting worse again! I've already finished two bottles of cough syrup and its still not working. Perhaps, I didn't take them on time anyway.

I hope this third bottle works, if not I think I'll really die from coughing my lungs and heart out already.

I am so dead beat and need to go take my shower and go to bed soon!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthdays.

First of all, happy birthday to Noel, Azmil, Ryan and last but not the least, Singapore! Whichever age it is.

August is totally a hot month for birthday, ain't it?

Anyway, had a real busy weekend and am so damn exhausted and worn out now.

I skipped school on Friday yet again for no apparent reason and met up with Corliss Chee for a movie before I headed back to Thomson to meet Ryan & Gang for supper.

We caught GI.Joe: Rise of Cobra and it was so good, I tell you! The action never stops. The whole movie was all about hi-technology stuff and it was so god damn cool. Most importantly, hot actors and actresses!

Lee Byung-heon as Storm Shadow

Soooooooooo handsome!

Channing Tatum as Duke. HOT STUFF!

My new love. <3
I know I'm being a little boy-crazy here. HAHA!

Went to St. James Powerhouse for Azmil's birthday. Supposingly, 10 people should turn up for the party, but guess end up how many people turned up?

Miserable 4 can?! Azmil, Power, Daryl and me, and I was the only girl! Which means no toilet khakis. ):

Eehwa and Mike did turn up but because Eehwa wasn't officially 18, she could not enter the age. It was just a few days to her birthday! That darn bouncer was so damn annoying. Mike left with Eehwa, but of course.

So the 4 of us went into the club, and initially stood around like fools because we did not manage to reserve a table for ourselves.

Luckily, we bump into Power's friend and were able to share table with them.

It was an awesome night I must say! First time in my life I got tipsy and couldn't even walk properly. I also must thank Azmil & Daryl who accompanied me to the toilet for like a million times, haha!

Although it was only a few of us, I reckon we really did enjoyed ourselves and partied like rockstars. LOL.

Got grinded by this guy who happened to be Power's friend's cousin, which Daryl and Power kept going on and on about it to make me feel awkward. That stupid Daryl even tried to sabotage me very pushing me towards him when he returned to our table. I was so afraid of him after that and immediately stopped dancing when I see him returning or tried to avoid dancing right in front of him. He is not even cute. -__-

The plan was to club till 4am and go have breakfast before going home but ended up, all of us were too fizzy dizzy to even walk properly, let alone to have breakfast.

I got home sharing cab with Daryl, and when I reached home, my parents were both awake getting ready to go for work. Thankfully, my mum did not realise that I drank and I did not reek of alcohol. I only realised that my whole body was red with rashes after my shower. -__-

I did not even sleep at all although I was so tired, I just couldn't sleep.

Without catching a wink, I met Azmil and gang for his second birthday plan. Planned to go down to Marine Barrage to catch fireworks, but ebd up changed plan yet again because of the unbearable humid weather.

Dinner at Lau Pa Sat was rather disappointing, the price, the quality. Everything sucks.

Went separate ways after that. Renee and me went shopping and we both got our new pair of heels. :D

Foreign workers everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So sickening!

Still considering whether to meet her up tomorrow for movie and revision. I'm so dead beat already.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yet another class skipped.

I went Partyworld with Renee and Azmil after Mathematic's 2nd meeting because I just can't get my mind at work.

Although it's only the 3 of us, we had lots of fun and laughter there, in fact even more stomach-aching laughs today, compared to the previous time when almost half the class joined us!

I could not even complete one full song without laughing at all, because of Azmil's nonsense. Even the sight of his face makes me want to laugh like hell already!

That idiot paid $16 for our mini concert, without singing at all. But I reckon it's all worth more than what he'd paid for. Wahaha.

The only reason of him joining is because he didn't want to stay in class and it's only us who are skipping 3rd meeting.

Camwhored abit, of course. The resolution of the pictures are pretty bad, because of the lightings, non-professional cameras used, and etc.

I think Renee camwhored more than me today, because I was busy messing with the mic. The whole room was outrageously noisy because of us doing our monkey business inside, messing with the tambourine and stuff. Haha! It was fun though! (:

Went back to school after that for our registered talk. (That is why Azmil did not go home but joined us for KTV instead, get it?)

UT2 results for Science and Programming is out. Thankfully I managed to pass my Science with a C+, and expectedly flunk my Programming with a god damn E. Although I'd already see that coming, but am still damn depressed la. =(

I can't wait for my weekend to come so that I can go party and feel better! My whole week's so damn packed, that I feel so suffocated.

I'm feeling so emo and negative about everything that's happening around me. I just want things to stay as beautiful and perfect as it was, initially. But I guess it is not possible.


I sure hate this feeling.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Title.

I am freaking having insomnia for the past few days, and finally get to sleep well last night. I guess because of the lack of sleep, I was so exhausted that I couldn't wake up for school today.

3 Programming classes missed, good luck to me.

I was so bored at work yesterday with Auntie Mercy that I ended up camwhoring, not with her of course!

I made some fugly faces too, don't be grossed out yeah?

I'll be so dead if my supervisor sees this. LOL.
Working in 1 hour's time. BAH!