Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Halfway through the lesson today, Azmil, Melody, Alvin, Danial, Din, Eehwa, Michael and me left.
Azmil, Melody and me are in the same group and after the three of us left, only Terence and Chen Cheng stayed in our group, damn pathetic. HAHA!

I was very responsible though, I completed the worksheet with them and send them a copy of my friend's PPT for reference. LOL. :P

The couple went home while the rest of us went to Cineleisure to catch "Up 3D".

The movie was so touching and heart warming, and I cried when the old man was flipping through the "Adventure Book". Where to find such a doting and loving husband and wife nowadays?

Dragged my feet to work as usual, and guess what? My cough is getting worse again! I've already finished two bottles of cough syrup and its still not working. Perhaps, I didn't take them on time anyway.

I hope this third bottle works, if not I think I'll really die from coughing my lungs and heart out already.

I am so dead beat and need to go take my shower and go to bed soon!

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