Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodbye W14A ! =(

First of all, I wanna congratulate me and my fellow classmates that finally, our UTs are over, which means the long holiday is finally here!! :D

Time to partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


I'm excited about everything and anything except for the fact that my grades gonna suffer for sure, especially Programming! And that, I'm gonna be split up with all my classmates. How sad! ):

But, I guess I will get used to it very soon, since I will have to go through this routine every end of each semester. -.-

One big regret is that no group photos were taken on our last day in W14A, because right after the UT answers were uploaded, everyone had already packed and is all ready to dash out of the class. Like, what the hell? All so unfeeling uh?!

Only managed to take a few shots with Renee, Laila, Fel and Daphne. SIGH!

Went Serangoon Garden for KTV because Daryl Pravin Penguin was so damn eager to sing after the first time we all went together and had dinner at Chomp Chomp!

Had alot of good laughs with them as usual. Will never forget Daryl's nonsense and how Daphne's skirt flew up! Hahahahaha! Azmil will not be there to carry our stuff for us again. Who's gonna help me carry my laptop sia? LOL. =/

I wish I can still stick to block 'W1' which is the nearest to the entrance of the school, so that there will be smaller probability for me to be late for school, and that we guys can still meet up and keep in close contact in the next following semesters or even years. I'm so gonna miss everyone!

Can't wait for 29 Sept for Renee Potatoh and Ernest's Birthday so that everyone of us can gather together once again. :D

Oh yes, I caught 2 great movies and I thought you guys might want to go catch them too. Proposal and District 9. (:

I'm super lazy to blog already. Hahaha!

The one and only photo that every single soul of W14A is in.
W14A, always be remembered! (:

See you when I see you! :D

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