Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthdays.

First of all, happy birthday to Noel, Azmil, Ryan and last but not the least, Singapore! Whichever age it is.

August is totally a hot month for birthday, ain't it?

Anyway, had a real busy weekend and am so damn exhausted and worn out now.

I skipped school on Friday yet again for no apparent reason and met up with Corliss Chee for a movie before I headed back to Thomson to meet Ryan & Gang for supper.

We caught GI.Joe: Rise of Cobra and it was so good, I tell you! The action never stops. The whole movie was all about hi-technology stuff and it was so god damn cool. Most importantly, hot actors and actresses!

Lee Byung-heon as Storm Shadow

Soooooooooo handsome!

Channing Tatum as Duke. HOT STUFF!

My new love. <3
I know I'm being a little boy-crazy here. HAHA!

Went to St. James Powerhouse for Azmil's birthday. Supposingly, 10 people should turn up for the party, but guess end up how many people turned up?

Miserable 4 can?! Azmil, Power, Daryl and me, and I was the only girl! Which means no toilet khakis. ):

Eehwa and Mike did turn up but because Eehwa wasn't officially 18, she could not enter the age. It was just a few days to her birthday! That darn bouncer was so damn annoying. Mike left with Eehwa, but of course.

So the 4 of us went into the club, and initially stood around like fools because we did not manage to reserve a table for ourselves.

Luckily, we bump into Power's friend and were able to share table with them.

It was an awesome night I must say! First time in my life I got tipsy and couldn't even walk properly. I also must thank Azmil & Daryl who accompanied me to the toilet for like a million times, haha!

Although it was only a few of us, I reckon we really did enjoyed ourselves and partied like rockstars. LOL.

Got grinded by this guy who happened to be Power's friend's cousin, which Daryl and Power kept going on and on about it to make me feel awkward. That stupid Daryl even tried to sabotage me very pushing me towards him when he returned to our table. I was so afraid of him after that and immediately stopped dancing when I see him returning or tried to avoid dancing right in front of him. He is not even cute. -__-

The plan was to club till 4am and go have breakfast before going home but ended up, all of us were too fizzy dizzy to even walk properly, let alone to have breakfast.

I got home sharing cab with Daryl, and when I reached home, my parents were both awake getting ready to go for work. Thankfully, my mum did not realise that I drank and I did not reek of alcohol. I only realised that my whole body was red with rashes after my shower. -__-

I did not even sleep at all although I was so tired, I just couldn't sleep.

Without catching a wink, I met Azmil and gang for his second birthday plan. Planned to go down to Marine Barrage to catch fireworks, but ebd up changed plan yet again because of the unbearable humid weather.

Dinner at Lau Pa Sat was rather disappointing, the price, the quality. Everything sucks.

Went separate ways after that. Renee and me went shopping and we both got our new pair of heels. :D

Foreign workers everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So sickening!

Still considering whether to meet her up tomorrow for movie and revision. I'm so dead beat already.


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