Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Heart Bradley Cooper!

Sweet, I went AMK Library with Din and Azmil to revise a little bit for Math and we decided to head for movie as it was still early. Renee Toh a.k.a Bread-face is supposed to join us, but she was down with fever. So, too bad! You've missed an awesome movie. :D

We caught "The Hangover" by the way, and it was so so so so GOOD! I did not even bear to leave my seat for a few minutes for my nature's call but I had to, if not I guess my seats would have got wet. Haha! I'm totally not exaggerating here.

I personally rate it 5/5.
There's nothing not to like about this show!

This little sweetie is so damn adorable! Just like me. Haha!

I wanted to upload that fat guy's photo because he was so retarded and funny, but couldn't find his photo anywhere though.

Last but not least, Bradley Cooper! He is so hot! I'm so in love with him and his blue eyes. OMG.

He's the one acting in "He's Just Not That Into You" by the way, just in case you find him familiar. He's the one with curly locks in this movie, but I still prefer him in that short and neat hair. Oh whatever, he's still hot in either way! <3

Oh yeah, decided to get just a new phone instead of having a headache whether to get a camera, mp3 of a good new phone. Since what I needed are mp3, camera and a good phone, I might as well just get a good phone with large memory for my songs, a good camera for me to camwhore. :P

I suck at handling electronic gadgets anyway, and I hate the idea of having to carry all the different gadgets around. I lose things easily.

After much consideration thanks to Azmil, I decided not to get the LG Arena and going for the LG Crystal instead. I'm not crazy over Arena so I don't think I should get it. The crystal clear keypad of LG Crystal is damn cool, and I'm so going to get it when it's out! Of course only if it's within my budget.

LG CrystalGD900

The Crystal Clear keypad is so cool, isn't it?

I'll end my post with my new sweetheart's photo, just look at his eyes. OMG! Such a heartthrob.


I think he's way much more hotter than your Johnny Depp, and I don't care whether or not you're with me. (:

Don't miss this great movie alright? (:

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