Sunday, August 30, 2009

Me Love Holiday! :D

I'm back here to blog after having fun for so many days non stop, all that movie marathon, it's crazy man! But I love it. :D

I don't know where to start talking about how I spent my holiday, but I'm pretty sure I had already watched almost all the movie. You name it, I watch it.

Caught “Final Destination” with Azmil, Eriec, Eehwa and Mike on Thursday. Super gore and exaggerating movie, I must say. It makes me think of the show whenever I’m at the place similar to the scenarios of the movie.
I rate this 3/5.
Let's see, I went for an interview together with Renee and Jieyun at Red Hill for Automobile's GPS for the IT Show in the noon on Friday but I don't think they are recruiting us, oh whatever.

I'm not really into that 4 days job anyway, especially when the GM who interviewed us told us about how we had to wear short skirts and that there will be 4 or 5 models walking around, trying to pull customers to the booth to look at the products. I don't mind wearing skirt, at all. But I can't stand the way when that GM stated, "it must be above knee length, there'll be people around, and they will be looking at you." What the hell is he trying to say? He looks damn tiko. LOL.

It's not like we are applying for showgirls in the Car Event or something. Weird.

Planned to catch "The Orphan" after that but in vain because firstly, Renee Potatoh was so damn reluctant to watch thriller and secondly, the only slot was at 7:45pm and it was already selling fast at what? 12pm! We can't possibly wait down there from 12pm till 7pm anyway. If not Jieyun and me would have watch that movie, leaving Renee alone. Hahaha! *Smirks

I must say I had no fate with "The Orphan" that day, more about that later.
Rate it 3/5.
So, after the movie, went to walk around with Renee while Jieyun went for her home tutoring.
Jieyun and me was quite disappointed that we couldn't watch "The Orphan", so I suggested that we can watch it before we go for the BBQ.

So, after a quick shopping, I went home and my sister suggested to go catch "The Orphan" after her "date" and I agreed. I told her that the ticket at 7:45pm was already selling fast earlier on, so I told her to go get the tickets quickly before it was too late.

I was all ready, and left the house when my sister suddenly called and told me that there's only 2 seats left available and we had to be separated by 5 to 6 strangers, how frustrating? I was already on the way and I remembered quite vividly that when she called me, it was already near to 7:15pm.

She told me that she thought that I wouldn't want that 2 sucky seats and so she left the queue. I couldn't care how we were gonna be separated as long as she get the tickets since I'm already out of the house, rushing for that particular movie, so I told her to just get the 2 tickets and we might just ask if the people sitting next to us to shift in for us to sit together or something, I remembered that I told her very clearly to JUST GO GET THE TICKETS FIRST.

But guess what my smart sister did?

She happily left Cineleisure and went to Paragon, thinking that what I meant was for her to wait for me to reach there to go get the tickets together, and on my side, I thought that she already got the tickets and is just waiting for me to reach. -.-

So anyway, in the end when I reached and she told me what she did, I was soooooooooo freaking angry and speechless about her being so smart, but could do nothing about it. She didn't even take note of the time.

We rushed to Cineleisure and the tickets were sold out, great. That was not the worse case, every other movie that I had not watch yet were all SOLD OUT! I totally didn't know what to say about my sis man. -.-

She admitted that she was quite dumb only after my long persuasion.

We ended up having dinner at Kopitiam and went home. LL~

No fate with that movie, totally.

Yesterday just before JH's birthday BBQ, JY, her bf (I can't remember his name), Corliss Chee and me went to watch "The Last House On The Left" at AMK Hub and headed to the BBQ after our happy meal at Mac. LOL.
Rate it 3/5.

Was deciding where to go after the BBQ since the night was still young, and so Corliss checked the movie slots for "The Orphan", and there was a late night slot at Bugis, was so glad we can finally watch it, and yes we never give up. LOL.

I rate this movie 4.5/5. It was really awesome, although 9/10 of the scary scenes were blocked out by my hands already. Wahaha!

Corliss kept saying that I'm like his GF of the day going on a double date with JY and her boy, and kept going on about how lucky I was. Nonsense, he was actually the lucky one. HAHA! Just kidding. =X

Both thrillers were great, but "The Orphan" is obviously way better and it totally freaked me out. The “little girl” is so freaking violent, god.

I had to run home after that and pleading my sister to wait for me at the door, it's that bad.

I couldn't stop thinking about it for even a second when I was bathing. =/

It was a nice scare though, people who are in for a good scare should not miss this. (:

I only manage to sleep at 5am because of Mr Annoying's phonecall. LOL.

Decided to go try our luck with Apple with JY, Azmil and Renee since that GPS interview was not successful, and we got in on the spot. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~

I can't wait for the day to start man, it's gonna be fun!

Planned to go for KTV session with Corliss after the interview but was really too exhausted and the rates was so expensive, so I canceled the plan and went home after dinner.

Still thinking if I should join Andrea for Zouk this Wednesday? Hmmm...

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