Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm starting to feel lazy and reluctant to blog already. =/

Haven't been feeling very well for the past few days, or should I say past few months? My cough is still with me, and not going away!

Guess what? My 3rd bottle of cough syrup is gone, but my cough is not gone yet. How irritating can that be?

Actually, I have myself to blame and deserved it because, I was so stubborn and did not visit the doctor, although my cough led to fever few days back but that did not stop myself from eating junk food. I even had bubble tea and fiery drumlets yesterday. Haha.

So tell me who caused this cough bug to be stucked with me?

Last Thursday was Eehwa birthday, my classmates and me bought her cake before class and camwhored abit. I'm freaking lazy to upload photos now though, so if you want to view them, you can go to my Facebook. :D

Oh yes, we did the same thing to Daryl and Power while they were out of the classrooms, which is taking pictures of ourselves using their webcams and setting them to their wallpaper and DP in MSN. Muahaha!

Was introduced to a website, "Who Lives Near You?" by Renee. I know the website has been up for quite a while but I wasn't interested to sign up anyway.

So, when Renee and me were supposingly studying at AMK library, we did not do so for even a single bit. All we did were playing games, facebook-ing, and MSN. In short, wasting our time. LOL!

The table behind me happened to be RP students as well, and they were seriously mugging with Math worksheet sia. How I wished I could motivate myself to do that.

I was playing "Strawberry Shortcake in Facebook when Renee told me that they were looking at m Laptop, for what I also don't know? Busybody. :X

Being bo liao, I signed up for that WLNY thingy, and we were like 2 siao char bors laughing and talking about the weird people in there who sent us messages. There's really alot of weirdo, I tell you. Damn funny! Wanted to post the photos here but on second thought, it's pretty mean to do that, so dropped the idea.

I also came to know that my ex bf actually used that network too and pretty am sure it was not before we were together, since his photos are all recent ones and some were taken by me when were together. I saw one of his photo with some girl, and I actually didn't feel a thing, except of being kpo if that's her new gf. Just being concerned as a FRIEND, of course.

Conclusion is, I guess I'm totally over him already, good grief! :D

UT3's nightmare is here, I should start mugging already. ):

P/S So looking forward to party after my test.

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