Saturday, August 1, 2009

Uninteresting Dull Saturday.

I spent my whole Saturday sleeping and before I know it, it's already 5pm!

This always happens whenever I have no school and am not going out. Most people might think that it's pretty much a waste of time, but not to me!

Everyday I have to wake up extremely early like latest 6am? I am just taking back what I've missed, which is rest. Hahaha.

Rotted at home for the rest of the day. Well, not exactly rotting, because there's always so much stuff for me to do when I'm home. I always accumulate them till I am totally free because I hate rushing. Things like SLEEPING, ironing my clothes (I know it's unbelievable!), "chiong-ing" my Taiwan Idol drama serial DVD, and the list goes on.

UT3's around the corner, like what the hell? The previous 2 UTs just ended not long ago and the 3rd one is coming. Damn it. Who says RP is a school for slacker? Yeah, there are heaps of slackers around, including myself, but we always end up having to be worrying that we would not be able to make it for the UTs, ending up? Screwing them.

Oh yes, next week's Ryan's and Azmil's birthday so I get to go partyyyyyyyyyyyy! Can't wait!


I wanna go KTV, anyone?

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