Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yet another class skipped.

I went Partyworld with Renee and Azmil after Mathematic's 2nd meeting because I just can't get my mind at work.

Although it's only the 3 of us, we had lots of fun and laughter there, in fact even more stomach-aching laughs today, compared to the previous time when almost half the class joined us!

I could not even complete one full song without laughing at all, because of Azmil's nonsense. Even the sight of his face makes me want to laugh like hell already!

That idiot paid $16 for our mini concert, without singing at all. But I reckon it's all worth more than what he'd paid for. Wahaha.

The only reason of him joining is because he didn't want to stay in class and it's only us who are skipping 3rd meeting.

Camwhored abit, of course. The resolution of the pictures are pretty bad, because of the lightings, non-professional cameras used, and etc.

I think Renee camwhored more than me today, because I was busy messing with the mic. The whole room was outrageously noisy because of us doing our monkey business inside, messing with the tambourine and stuff. Haha! It was fun though! (:

Went back to school after that for our registered talk. (That is why Azmil did not go home but joined us for KTV instead, get it?)

UT2 results for Science and Programming is out. Thankfully I managed to pass my Science with a C+, and expectedly flunk my Programming with a god damn E. Although I'd already see that coming, but am still damn depressed la. =(

I can't wait for my weekend to come so that I can go party and feel better! My whole week's so damn packed, that I feel so suffocated.

I'm feeling so emo and negative about everything that's happening around me. I just want things to stay as beautiful and perfect as it was, initially. But I guess it is not possible.


I sure hate this feeling.

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