Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

People aorund me kept commenting that I look like an ah lian in their first impression. -_-

I am so damn upset about it. ):

Some says I look like a smoker, or a clubber, which in facts are not true. I don't smoke, never evn once did I try and I only club once in a while.

Vel commented something even worse, that I look like I played drugs before from my looks and she thinks that... Nevermind, don't want to say it here. Haha !

It's not me who wanted to look like ah lian, and I am NOTTTTTTTTT !!

So innocent. ):

After getting to know me did they realised I'm far from what they assumed I was.


So moral of the story is, never judge a book by its cover. NEVER !

*Now I know what kind of person you are, I assume. Whether I'm right or not, I don't care. (:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Damn, I'm having a major headache now after a few drinks with Vel and Aerine. Argh.

Thank god Aerine allowed me to take off tomorrow, if not I'll die.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE ! Sorry if I can't make it tomorrow.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

UT3's results are finally out !

Congrats to me that I passed all my modules although I only managed to score a 2.7 points for my GPA but still ! I'm so gladdddddddddddddddddddddd that I've passed !

I'm super tired now after working full shift from 9am to 1.20am. It's crazy ! I'm gonna work full shift again tomorrow to accompany Vel, guess I'll pretty much be stoning the whole day !

I'm sure I'd be knocked out to my dreamland in less than 10 seconds now. Off to bed !

Saturday, September 26, 2009


In the end, I got psychoed into joining Velvet and Chris at the club last night. I swear I almost collapse on the dancefloor, not because I was drunk, but because I was so tired !

The only reason that I agreed to join them is because I don't want to spoil sport.

I was so shocked that when I reach the club at 12am, there were only less than 20 guests in there. The dancefloor was totally empty and I reckon everyone was too shy to hit the dancefloor when the whole club is so empty.

We were so bored initially that we played finger guessing game in a club, can you imagine? I remember I mocked at someone in O Bar 9 months back when I see them playing that in the club, and now I'm doing this. -_-

I mean, playing poker or finger guessing in the club when everyone else are dancing? You kidding me?

Anyhow, Velvet and Chris drank alot because I kept winning although it was the first time I'm playing it. :D

We only started to dance when some of the girls from the other table went down to the dancefloor, imagine less than 10 people on the dancefloor. How cool is that? HAHA.

It would be fun if I had asked more people to go, and I definitely will if I go down the next time.

I am always more towards R&B music and was never a big fan of Trance, so when I saw the Trance dancer dancing to the Trance beat, I totally salute to them and I think I'll never be able to pickup trance dancing. ):

Seven is a nice club and the DJ(Amy, the butch =X) spins great music, so do drop by and support them since they are still new ! (:

Mon to Tues: Open till 1am (No DJ but you can chill, play pool and darts with your buddies. (: )
Wed: Open till 3am (Retro night)
Thurs: Open till 3am (Hip hop, R&B)
Fri: Open till 3am (Trance)
Sat & Sun: Open till 3am (Hip hop, R&B)

For members, you get free entry and sign another friend in. Renew your card by visiting the club 7 times within 7 months. Pay using your POSB debit/credit card for beer and get another for free !

There's still some other offers but I can't remember now.

The reason why I'm advertising this club to my friends is because I think it's a nice place to chill in but because it's still pretty unknown to most of you out there, the club is really quiet.

Other than Sat, I think the other days will be quite empty.

The club is call "Seven" located at Iluma Bugis, level 7. (:

Went to work the next day, stoning like I haven't slept for years and I only got better after lunch. Imagine clubbing and chilling with friends after work and going to work again for 3 days straight. -_-

Interesting and hilarious things happened at work today but I'm too lazy to eleborate.

Went for lunch with Vel and that sweetie bought me cute chocs and kept asking me to pose for the camera. LOL.

She said I look ultra happy and excited
for the two cute cute chocs she got for me. -_-

It's not only cute but yummy too !
Gonna get somemore tomorrow for myself !

Camwhored in the hotel room
while waiting for the rest to be done with.
(Like always, haha !)

Didn't take with the rest because they were all busy and plus I'm shy la. BAHAHA ! SOON !
I need to sleep badly now, look at the time and I'm still here. GOD !
Clubbing tomorrow night again? Yes? No? I don't know. =\

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crazy tired !

I am so dead tired, and I'm still not letting myself rest. =\

Went out with my crazy Comex colleagues after work and we were so retarded that we go all the way to Halland Village but ended up eating Swensens. WTF right? HAHAHA !

Chilled at Starbucks and we formed our own private party at the corner of the cafe, blocking others from stepping into that corner. Made alot of noise playing stupid games and acting retarded, and of course camwhoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

Renee JMYBZ <3

Grace, Renee, and the KPKB "TEH" Cherying. LOL

Grace, me, Cherying, Renee
Qiwen, Joseph, Jovien, James

Gracieee (:

I Heart America. LOL.

The girlssssssssss

The boysssssssssssss


James & Jovien's

Qi wen's

Renee & Cherying's

Grace's & mine

Some of the overdued photos @ St. James that night. (:

This guy happened to be a SIT student in RP
as well !

Velvet brought me and Chris to Iluma's Seven on Tuesday after work, and I was so wowed by that spacious club, with pool and dart boards, you can even watch soccer matches there. Too bad the DJs were not around that day, so we just sit back and chilled.
They are psychoing me to go tonight again and I'm pretty tempted to go, but I'm soso tired !
HOW? Should I go? =/

Monday, September 21, 2009

My suay day.

I got "dua-ed" by my IC today, damn it.

I happily woke up at 7am to prepare myself for work and when I reached there, nobody was there yet.

I waited for more than half an hour and no one turned up. So, decided to text my IC to ask her if there's changes to the operating hours or something.

Guess what?

She called me back and told me that there's some changes and I do not need to report to work today. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF !

She was the one who told me I will report for morning shift today one can ! Made changes and did not inform me. Still can blame me for not calling her beforehand, become my own fault? Damn !

Wasted my time waking up early and my train and bus fares. *!@#$

I ain't got no choice but to head back home, did alot of stupid stuff on my own in between though.

I can only say that today is not my day and it's probably going to get worse later in the day. That's what people say.


P/S: Why are you acting so differently now? Seriously don't know what you are thinking if you continue not saying anything. I took the first step and ask you why you are acting differently but you said you didn't. I can sense the difference but you denied. Very well then. I'll leave it as it is and shall not be bothered anymore and take it that I am the one thinking way too much. I don't want the feeling from my past to haunt me again. It took me a while to get over my past, and now that it's finally over, I'm not gonna get myself hurt again.

Although everyone is telling me that it is pretty obvious from your actions already, but I'm just not confident enough and keep telling myself I'm probably thinking too much, you on the hand, denied anyway. So I don't want to think anymore. You are freaking confusing me. Someone save me from this shit. -,-

My ex texted me again last night after not contacting for 1 mth? 2 mths? 3 mths? I seriously can't remember. This time round, when I saw your SMS, I was shocked, surprised and I laughed. It's really funny how you can forget about how you ignored my SMS previously and after a few months, you can act as if nothing happened and text me again.

I showed Vera & Penny what you texted and all of us think you are really weird. Just what the hell do you want? I don't know what the fuck you are trying to do.

I only know that I wasn't expecting your SMS, but someone else's.

Bringing up the past, apologising to me about how badly you treated me back then. Telling me you have your reasons and someday I'll know? Know what? I hate the way you like to tell me things halfway and leave me hanging there wondering what you were thinking and what you're trying to tell me. I feel odd when you tell me you still keep those text messages in your phone. But again, you chose to ignore my questions raised, as always. You pinpointed at me sayng I'm the one who made you reacted this way, but come'on, I didn't do anything AT ALL to pressure you. It was just a simple question, that's all. Why can't you read my questions with a more open-minded mindset when I can? The only reason that I came up with is you probably had not moved on, but I did. Or maybe that's just the way you are, trying to attract attention when that person is no longer the same for you. When are you going to change? I'm tired of these, really. Just stop doing this.

If I ever become a bitch one day, it's all you guys' fault. Haha. =X
Guys nowadays are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo terrible.

I miss my GFs. ):

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Party as St. James last night.

Drank, danced, had fun, got high.
Met new people, new friends made.
Familiar faces all around, RP schoolmates all around and coincidentally in our group.
Met WEIRD people.
Fight occured, got tired and bored, gone home.

Only jio my secondary friends but end up as usual Corliss' clubbing khakis were everywhere and we joined one of the group.

Jieyun and me went down to the dancefloor when Corliss called us to go back to camwhore with the rest, haha. Thanks to him, we did not get hurt from the fights. The minute we left the dancefloor, the fight started and blood was in sight. I don't know what the hell they were fighting about though.

Corliss was standing on the guy's stage and got molested by these two girls who's dancing in front of the stage on the dancefloor. The girl just moved her hands from his belly all the way down to you-know-what. Corliss was so shocked that he push her hands away. It was so darn funny !

After she got rejected from him, she turned to the next guy on stage, super desperate !

Met a weird guy near the smoking area while waiting for Corliss to finish his stick, he approached the two of us girls and I'm pretty sure that guy was trying his luck "looking for new friends" in the club. After I said no bluntly to him, he walked away looking for the next prey, you can see it from his eyes and body language. Haha !

It was quite a boring night, and we sat at the bar for most of the time wasting our night away because the dancefloor was terribly packed that you can hardly find a spot to dance, so we left pretty early before the light's on.

Oh yes, I accidentally stepped on one of the guy's feet on the dancefloor while I was trying to wriggle out of the crowd. I heard a LOUD "OUCH". I turned back and saw him searching for the culprit, so I tried to squeeze out of the crowd quickly, without apologising. Step, and run. BAHAHAHAHAHA!


More photos taken together with the rest of our group, but the photos are not with me.
My hair sucked terribly and my top's zip was darn irritating, I had to keep holding it while dancing, and they add up all together and spoilt my mood !

Working for F1's booth was pretty slack but I had to stand for the whole 9 hours again. The booth was very open and I felt so uncomfortable initially.
One of my colleagues thought I was a Malay when he first saw me, and this is not the first time I got mistaken as a Malay, I don't understand why. -__-

Colleague: So you're working for the whole of two weeks.
Me: Yeah, I think so. Depends on how they plan the schedule.
Colleague: Oh, including Sunday? Hari Raya?
Me: !! I'm CHINESE !!
Colleague: Oh, I thought you are Malay or Pranakan, because of your eyes.
Me: ......

New friends made again. (:

P/S: I probably was thinking a little too much. Maybe you care, maybe not. Probably you are not the one. I shall not think about all these crap and just live life to the fullest, for myself ! I want to go back being the hyper Nicole ! :D

Friday, September 18, 2009


I got myself a new temp part time job which pays way better than my current one, so I sacked my boss before she did it to me.

I can't wait for payday !

SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I guess I'm to used to you, hate this feeling. ):

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mummy's birthday (:

Yesterday was mummy's birthday.

She was very reluctant to take pictures because she was in pyjamas, but we forced her. =X

That's my sis' BF on the left.

Dad is so damnnnnnnnnnn skinny ! TSK TSK.

I think she'll slaughter me for posting these photos online. =X

Happy birthday mummy ! <3
Today's Penny's birthday, happy birthday too sis !