Sunday, September 6, 2009


Pffft ! I am having a major migraine now, boy !

Met Skinnybird for movie "Where Got Ghost?" at PS yesterday, and I was late for like an hour. Luckily, he was very patient and did not complain at all. =P

Rating 2/5

The movie was darn lame, which I already expected that since so many people of my surrounding told me it's not worth watching it. I'm watching it only because Skinnybird doesn't want to watch English movie, if not I would have watch "Time Traveller's Wife". -______-

Couldn't find a proper place for dinner as everywhere was so crowded, so we sat ourselves down at Toastbox, and the food kinda suck for me. The Bandung was way too sweet, Mee Siam was way too salty. I didn't finish my food of course, and that was my first meal of the day, mind you !

I ps-ed Corliss and Ruth for club at SOHO because of some bet I had with Skinnybird, and I didn't know he also lied to his friends that he was "viewing" so he couldn't meet his mates. Such a liar, and he made me had to lie too. HAHA !

We sat down and chatted till 4am and I only went to bed at like 6am? Worse still, I couldn't sleep till the sun was up. That explains my migraine now ! I hate it ! ARGH !

I haven't been sleeping well for so long already. I really miss sleeping soundly till the next morning/afternoon. ):

And, tomorrow gonna be the day I start working like a busy bee already. BAH !

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