Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crazy tired !

I am so dead tired, and I'm still not letting myself rest. =\

Went out with my crazy Comex colleagues after work and we were so retarded that we go all the way to Halland Village but ended up eating Swensens. WTF right? HAHAHA !

Chilled at Starbucks and we formed our own private party at the corner of the cafe, blocking others from stepping into that corner. Made alot of noise playing stupid games and acting retarded, and of course camwhoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

Renee JMYBZ <3

Grace, Renee, and the KPKB "TEH" Cherying. LOL

Grace, me, Cherying, Renee
Qiwen, Joseph, Jovien, James

Gracieee (:

I Heart America. LOL.

The girlssssssssss

The boysssssssssssss


James & Jovien's

Qi wen's

Renee & Cherying's

Grace's & mine

Some of the overdued photos @ St. James that night. (:

This guy happened to be a SIT student in RP
as well !

Velvet brought me and Chris to Iluma's Seven on Tuesday after work, and I was so wowed by that spacious club, with pool and dart boards, you can even watch soccer matches there. Too bad the DJs were not around that day, so we just sit back and chilled.
They are psychoing me to go tonight again and I'm pretty tempted to go, but I'm soso tired !
HOW? Should I go? =/

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