Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here We Go Again

Had lots of fun for the past few days.

Apple training with Renee, Azmil and his friend. Initially, it was really boring when the trainer went on and on about the selling point for Apple. I freaking regret picking this brand up. -____-

Apple Macbooks are really way cool but, there's so many functions that is different from the other brands that are selling out there, so I'm having difficulties trying to capture and digest whatever information the trainer was trying to stuff into my brain. I wasn't even really listening to him anyway.

I can't sit still for too long, you know...

Fun and laughters came after we had our hands on the Macbooks, which we were able to camwhore ! =D Took lots of funny and retarded photos but yet again, blogger sucks and wouldn't let me upload any. Pfft ! ):

Met W14A for movie, "Time Traveller's Wife" yesterday and it was great, kind of confusing though, but it was really romantic. Went to HK Cafe for dinner and Renee gave me the Red Wine she got from the Cafe for being a member. =D

I wanted to rest at home today but Jadey dragged me out of the house for KTV session. I don't know how many times I went for KTV within this one month already man. I'm kinda sick of it already. Nevertheless, we had lotsa fun and crazy moments in there. It's been so long since I went on a "date" with her.

Chatted about our private stuff over dinner and I really enjoyed her company today. (: (:

Work's starting tomorrow and I'm so not ready for it, I'm afraid I can't cope and I kinda regret taking up that job. SIGH.

Not feeling very fabulous right now because of some reasons. Why should I be affected by this anyway? My god. I so hate this feeling.

I feel trapped, bad sign.

Somebody save me.

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