Monday, September 14, 2009

It's over finally !

Comex is finally over and last night marked the last day that I'll see all the fun loving colleagues of mine.

Although it's just a very short 4 days that we "hung out", we enjoyed every single bit of it fooling around, except for the part of standing the whole day trying to get sales, and meeting irritating, idiotic stingy customers who were quite a pain in the ass.

I was under "Juzz 1" selling Macbooks and our company booth carried other brands as well, and I ended up crossed selling more HP rather than Apple. -_____-

I sold nothing on the first day which is really frustrating for me. Can you imagine standing from 1045am to 1030pm with no sales at all?

I learnt to be smart on the second day by giving out numbers to customers who seemed to be sincere and keen on buying laptops from me. Thankfully one of the customer bought a HP mini from me and I gave him my number and told him to come back to me if any of his friends are looking for laptop in Comex.

Fortunately, he called back within the next few hours and his friend bought another Mini from me, and that was all that I earned for that day. __

I simply had no luck in selling Macbooks and I knew the problem doesn't lie with me, I was just so down with luck because every customers who seemed interested in getting a Mac, I would pull my In-charge over to help me psycho them to get it, whether they are first timer user or not. So it was definitely not my problem. =D

I told my In-charge that I wasn't feeling well on the third day and stayed home the whole day to meditate, the crowd and sales were also not that fabulous that day, one of my friends got 0 sales and that tells me that I was smart enough not to go.

Yesterday, which was the last day, I continued giving out numbers to those who were keen and lady luck was with me because the customer who bought the HP mini from me on the second day came back to me and bought another 3 from me. On the other hand I manage to sell another 2 HP mini and 2 Macs.

Thank god I managed to sell at least 2 Macs for the 4 days event, if not I would be so dead.

But still, over all it was quite an experience, the in charge and colleagues were all pretty helpful, funny and entertaining, hope we'll be able to continue keeping in touch. We only exchanged numbers and emails on the last day of the event which was very last min and couldn't get hold of all the staff's contacts. I can't even remember everyone's name. Oh yes, saw alot of familiar faces at the fair, be it the customers or staffs from other brands, lots of RP students as expected !

Sadly, we didn''t manage to take a big group photos together. ):
Hopefully, when we meet up in future we'll be able to camwhore together. :P

I'm sure if there's anything similar events like that in future, I will do better. (:

Now it's time for me to sit back and relax during my holiday. (:

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