Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let photos do the talking.

New and overdued photos.

Yes, I camwhored again and blogger finally allowed me to upload them, except for those I took using the Macbook. Why?

Yesterday, went over to Jasreen's crib after me and Renee ran off from the boring training for some volunteery work in school. Sooooooooooooooo regret signing up for that boring shit. =X

Wanted to go to her place after our lunch at Neebo for a game of badminton before they go for their movie, "I Love You, Beeth Cooper". However, by the time we reached her place, we drag and drag AND drag till we have insufficient time to play and ended up looking at Facebook, WLNY and gossip. HAHA.

Of course, we took took pictures as well, heh. :D

Too tall la, Jasreen

Her room is damn pinky and girly, and I like her mum, very havoc ! :D

The one and only person I took picture with on the last day of Comex, we took another one but I accidentally deleted it and can't be bothered to upload again. =/

I am feeling rather moody these few days because of some stuff. I might appear to be normal in front of you, but deep down I'm really not ok.

Sometimes I feel that I would rather not be home. I hate it when I get this kind of attitude when I did nothing to offend people. FUCK.


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