Monday, September 21, 2009

My suay day.

I got "dua-ed" by my IC today, damn it.

I happily woke up at 7am to prepare myself for work and when I reached there, nobody was there yet.

I waited for more than half an hour and no one turned up. So, decided to text my IC to ask her if there's changes to the operating hours or something.

Guess what?

She called me back and told me that there's some changes and I do not need to report to work today. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF !

She was the one who told me I will report for morning shift today one can ! Made changes and did not inform me. Still can blame me for not calling her beforehand, become my own fault? Damn !

Wasted my time waking up early and my train and bus fares. *!@#$

I ain't got no choice but to head back home, did alot of stupid stuff on my own in between though.

I can only say that today is not my day and it's probably going to get worse later in the day. That's what people say.


P/S: Why are you acting so differently now? Seriously don't know what you are thinking if you continue not saying anything. I took the first step and ask you why you are acting differently but you said you didn't. I can sense the difference but you denied. Very well then. I'll leave it as it is and shall not be bothered anymore and take it that I am the one thinking way too much. I don't want the feeling from my past to haunt me again. It took me a while to get over my past, and now that it's finally over, I'm not gonna get myself hurt again.

Although everyone is telling me that it is pretty obvious from your actions already, but I'm just not confident enough and keep telling myself I'm probably thinking too much, you on the hand, denied anyway. So I don't want to think anymore. You are freaking confusing me. Someone save me from this shit. -,-

My ex texted me again last night after not contacting for 1 mth? 2 mths? 3 mths? I seriously can't remember. This time round, when I saw your SMS, I was shocked, surprised and I laughed. It's really funny how you can forget about how you ignored my SMS previously and after a few months, you can act as if nothing happened and text me again.

I showed Vera & Penny what you texted and all of us think you are really weird. Just what the hell do you want? I don't know what the fuck you are trying to do.

I only know that I wasn't expecting your SMS, but someone else's.

Bringing up the past, apologising to me about how badly you treated me back then. Telling me you have your reasons and someday I'll know? Know what? I hate the way you like to tell me things halfway and leave me hanging there wondering what you were thinking and what you're trying to tell me. I feel odd when you tell me you still keep those text messages in your phone. But again, you chose to ignore my questions raised, as always. You pinpointed at me sayng I'm the one who made you reacted this way, but come'on, I didn't do anything AT ALL to pressure you. It was just a simple question, that's all. Why can't you read my questions with a more open-minded mindset when I can? The only reason that I came up with is you probably had not moved on, but I did. Or maybe that's just the way you are, trying to attract attention when that person is no longer the same for you. When are you going to change? I'm tired of these, really. Just stop doing this.

If I ever become a bitch one day, it's all you guys' fault. Haha. =X
Guys nowadays are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo terrible.

I miss my GFs. ):

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