Sunday, September 20, 2009


Party as St. James last night.

Drank, danced, had fun, got high.
Met new people, new friends made.
Familiar faces all around, RP schoolmates all around and coincidentally in our group.
Met WEIRD people.
Fight occured, got tired and bored, gone home.

Only jio my secondary friends but end up as usual Corliss' clubbing khakis were everywhere and we joined one of the group.

Jieyun and me went down to the dancefloor when Corliss called us to go back to camwhore with the rest, haha. Thanks to him, we did not get hurt from the fights. The minute we left the dancefloor, the fight started and blood was in sight. I don't know what the hell they were fighting about though.

Corliss was standing on the guy's stage and got molested by these two girls who's dancing in front of the stage on the dancefloor. The girl just moved her hands from his belly all the way down to you-know-what. Corliss was so shocked that he push her hands away. It was so darn funny !

After she got rejected from him, she turned to the next guy on stage, super desperate !

Met a weird guy near the smoking area while waiting for Corliss to finish his stick, he approached the two of us girls and I'm pretty sure that guy was trying his luck "looking for new friends" in the club. After I said no bluntly to him, he walked away looking for the next prey, you can see it from his eyes and body language. Haha !

It was quite a boring night, and we sat at the bar for most of the time wasting our night away because the dancefloor was terribly packed that you can hardly find a spot to dance, so we left pretty early before the light's on.

Oh yes, I accidentally stepped on one of the guy's feet on the dancefloor while I was trying to wriggle out of the crowd. I heard a LOUD "OUCH". I turned back and saw him searching for the culprit, so I tried to squeeze out of the crowd quickly, without apologising. Step, and run. BAHAHAHAHAHA!


More photos taken together with the rest of our group, but the photos are not with me.
My hair sucked terribly and my top's zip was darn irritating, I had to keep holding it while dancing, and they add up all together and spoilt my mood !

Working for F1's booth was pretty slack but I had to stand for the whole 9 hours again. The booth was very open and I felt so uncomfortable initially.
One of my colleagues thought I was a Malay when he first saw me, and this is not the first time I got mistaken as a Malay, I don't understand why. -__-

Colleague: So you're working for the whole of two weeks.
Me: Yeah, I think so. Depends on how they plan the schedule.
Colleague: Oh, including Sunday? Hari Raya?
Me: !! I'm CHINESE !!
Colleague: Oh, I thought you are Malay or Pranakan, because of your eyes.
Me: ......

New friends made again. (:

P/S: I probably was thinking a little too much. Maybe you care, maybe not. Probably you are not the one. I shall not think about all these crap and just live life to the fullest, for myself ! I want to go back being the hyper Nicole ! :D

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