Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So dead beat.

I'm so dead beat.

The only reason that I'm not sleeping and is still here blogging at this time is because of my wet hair. -.-

I am so damn tired already!

I was forced to meet up with Mr. Annoying tonight after work, after he failed to drag me out of my house for dinner with him yesterday, because I was so lazy to step out of my house.

He tried to psycho me to leave my house yesterday for like more than half an hour or so, and after I rejected, he's still not giving up, and continued psychoing me today. LOL.

I salute to him for his very unbelievable patience or whatever you call that.

So, supposingly to meet him for supper after work, but we were not at all hungry so ended up going for KTV session. It was really super last minute, and that poor guy still has to work tomorrow.

I'm going to do my hair tomorrow, like finally! I hope I'm able to wake up and won't be late for my appointment tomorrow man.

I have photos to upload but blogger is so irritating and kept forbidding me to do so! ARGH, cant be bothered already. My eye lids are getting heavier and heavier and I so need to sleep already.

Good night people.

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