Saturday, September 26, 2009


In the end, I got psychoed into joining Velvet and Chris at the club last night. I swear I almost collapse on the dancefloor, not because I was drunk, but because I was so tired !

The only reason that I agreed to join them is because I don't want to spoil sport.

I was so shocked that when I reach the club at 12am, there were only less than 20 guests in there. The dancefloor was totally empty and I reckon everyone was too shy to hit the dancefloor when the whole club is so empty.

We were so bored initially that we played finger guessing game in a club, can you imagine? I remember I mocked at someone in O Bar 9 months back when I see them playing that in the club, and now I'm doing this. -_-

I mean, playing poker or finger guessing in the club when everyone else are dancing? You kidding me?

Anyhow, Velvet and Chris drank alot because I kept winning although it was the first time I'm playing it. :D

We only started to dance when some of the girls from the other table went down to the dancefloor, imagine less than 10 people on the dancefloor. How cool is that? HAHA.

It would be fun if I had asked more people to go, and I definitely will if I go down the next time.

I am always more towards R&B music and was never a big fan of Trance, so when I saw the Trance dancer dancing to the Trance beat, I totally salute to them and I think I'll never be able to pickup trance dancing. ):

Seven is a nice club and the DJ(Amy, the butch =X) spins great music, so do drop by and support them since they are still new ! (:

Mon to Tues: Open till 1am (No DJ but you can chill, play pool and darts with your buddies. (: )
Wed: Open till 3am (Retro night)
Thurs: Open till 3am (Hip hop, R&B)
Fri: Open till 3am (Trance)
Sat & Sun: Open till 3am (Hip hop, R&B)

For members, you get free entry and sign another friend in. Renew your card by visiting the club 7 times within 7 months. Pay using your POSB debit/credit card for beer and get another for free !

There's still some other offers but I can't remember now.

The reason why I'm advertising this club to my friends is because I think it's a nice place to chill in but because it's still pretty unknown to most of you out there, the club is really quiet.

Other than Sat, I think the other days will be quite empty.

The club is call "Seven" located at Iluma Bugis, level 7. (:

Went to work the next day, stoning like I haven't slept for years and I only got better after lunch. Imagine clubbing and chilling with friends after work and going to work again for 3 days straight. -_-

Interesting and hilarious things happened at work today but I'm too lazy to eleborate.

Went for lunch with Vel and that sweetie bought me cute chocs and kept asking me to pose for the camera. LOL.

She said I look ultra happy and excited
for the two cute cute chocs she got for me. -_-

It's not only cute but yummy too !
Gonna get somemore tomorrow for myself !

Camwhored in the hotel room
while waiting for the rest to be done with.
(Like always, haha !)

Didn't take with the rest because they were all busy and plus I'm shy la. BAHAHA ! SOON !
I need to sleep badly now, look at the time and I'm still here. GOD !
Clubbing tomorrow night again? Yes? No? I don't know. =\

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