Thursday, October 29, 2009

Partial-ed yesterday again with Renee and went to play pool at AMK with her classmate, Malcolm. LOL.

I lost to him in every rounds, but whatever la. I'm not pro in pool anyway. Pffft !

Me with Malcolm's black disgusting
boxer rabbit, LOL !

Went to Jurong Point with Renee after the game to meet her cousin to help him with his homework and accompanied him to look for his prom night attire. We really shopped and helped him look for his full attire already boy !

Oh yes, I saw another online friend unexpectedly in AMK when I was on my way home with Renee. Like again ! But this time he saw me, I didn't see him. So irritating la !

Free movie again today, thanks to Renee JM ! (:

Went to catch "Sister's Keeper" after school with Renee, HX, Lionel, Melvin and edmund at AMK Hub. The movie was alright, not as touching as I thought. At least, I didn't cry so badly. But still, it's meaningful and kinda sweet and heart-warming in some parts.

Pool session with W47C tomorrow, a chance to bond as a class. (:

And, it's been a long time since I go shopping ! ):

Ok, I've got to discipline myself to sleep early which is at least before 1am now. UT's next week already. OMG !! I'm still slacking away. 5 Absents and 3 partials in 4 week. How nice. HAHAHA !

Time to buck up !

Monday, October 26, 2009


I almost lost my ez link today again.

Luckily I lost it in the campus and when One Stop Centre called to inform me, I was so frigging glad and relieved !

Damn, my cough is getting worse again, I'm like getting sick at least once or twice in one semester. SHINGSXZ !

Surprised Alvin today in his class for his belated birthday, hope he won't be so emo anymore, haha !

I freaking want my cough to go away now ! TSKKKK !!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where are you?

I meant my voice. Ha !

Camwhored in class after everyone left. :D

Went to Fujitsu to get the damn memory stick out of my laptop with Renee and now nobody can disturb me about it. :D

Waited for like at least half an hour for them to fix it, HX and his friends waited with us at the Servie Centre and it was his birthday. So, feeling kind of bad, I went to his birthday celebration after his never ending plead. HAHA !

Because of you elephant, I didn't attend my friend's birthday ! You owe me one ! :P

Thanks to the steamboat, I've temporarily became a mute. I hope I'll be able to recover by Monday because I don't wanna miss school again !

Photos !

Frigging lazy to upload them all, so here's the link to my facebook albums. =D
My 21st bday

Didn't manage to snap photo of everyone though. ):

Being the photographer of the day, 99% of the photo is without me. :)
HX's 18th bday

Happy birthday to Jojo and Alvin ~ (:

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Great, I'm sick again.

Don't need to decide whether to go to school or not for the funeral anymore.

I hate being sick ! ):

And HX, if anything happens,I'll haunt you first, you evil Jumbo. (:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've been real slack in school these two days and am feeling rather guilty. =/

I woke up late yesterday and only reached class at 11.20am. When I stepped into the class, the faci gave me the "why did you still bother to turn up" kinda look. So on second thought, I left the class after the faci left and waited at the library for Renee to finish school.

Azmil came to join me later and was buzzing next to my ear non-stop, super irritating. HAHA.

Persuaded Jumbo HX to come accompany wait for Renee for our movie after that, and he came. :D

Yesterday was really not my day, HX passed me the memory stick where he saved the movies for me and I happily insert it into my laptop, and it got stuck inside. =.=

That 2 idiots except HX kept reminding me about the stucked memory stick which is still inside my laptop right now. =/

Went for lunch/dinner and went to CWP to get our tickets. While waiting for Lionel and the other 2 guys to reach, the 3 of us indulged ourselves to ice cream waffle and HX continued to try taking the memory stick out for me with the tweezer, and up making it worse ! TSKKKKK !

Now, I've to send my laptop to Fujitsu again ! PFFT !

We caught "Tsunami At Haeundae". It was a little draggy in the middle but the ending part was damn sad and frustrating. I was cursing and sobbing like I'm in the movie itself, LOL.

And today, I left class after 2nd meeting again to accompany Renee JM, SIGH. If I continue this way, I won't be able to take "leaves" at the end of the semester already. =/

The funny part is, we left class but stayed in school till 6pm, like we might as well stay in class.

I webcammed 4 person today and it was damn funny when I webcam Jade. She showed my webcam to all the guys in her class and I was damn embarrassed !

Mum wants me to skip school tomorrow for my relative's last day of funeral, but I really don't want to skip school again. What should I do man?

Monday, October 19, 2009


I am so freaking busy and lazy to update !

My birthday party was pretty successful I supposed? About 60 people showed up and only less than 5 stood me up. (Too hell with them, haha ! Just kidding ! =X)

Much food was wasted though, sigh !

Overall, my presents still did covered up all my expenses on the party. Wahaha ! Ok, that's not the point. :P

I really appreciate every single soul who came, and especially to those who helped ! Without you guys, I would not be able to handle. (:

Heaps of photos were taken but I had not get hold of all yet, and till then I would upload them. (:

Met Azmil and Renee and was supposed to collect my Comex paycheck at Parkway today but damn it, they wrote my name wrongly, and so I had to wait again. Dumb people !

Went to Town to meet Jumbo, Lion and "Wu Zun" for Jumbo's treat, heh. (:

Caught Sorority Row with the boys while Renee caught "500 Days of Summer" with her girlfriends.

Renee and my movie tickets were free, thanks to Azmil. Wahaha !

It was gore, but not too bad compared to the other gore shows that I watched before. Lionel was covering his ears 24/7, darn funny ! :X

Went HK Cafe with the girls after the movie and camwhored, LOL. Pictures will be uploaded soon because I'm too lazy to upload now.

I need to sleep badly now already, update soon ! :D

Friday, October 16, 2009




Thursday, October 15, 2009

Skipping class is inevitable :P

Skipped class with Renee JM yesterday and went Teo Heng for KTV session.

I look damn cui~

Bumped into Bearbear when I was rushing for the bus that he alighted. -__-
What the hell?First meeting must be this kind of scenario, huh?

He kept making fun of me being a "ganjiong spider" after that, BOO !

Tomorrow's gonna be my BIGGGGGGGG day already ! =D
My new classmates were damn nice and sweet, they gave me a big unexpected surprise and I almost cried sia. So touched, haha ! (:

Pictures to be uploaded soon after Amanda send me. (:

Weeee, skipping school tomorrow and I hope I won't get sabotage too badly tomorrow. =/

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


STOMP on Sunday was superb ! :D

Thanks to ND's ex girlfriend who's so stupid enough to miss it and that gave me the chance to catxh the performance this year for free ! =D

And, ND you asked if I camwhored? Yes I did, while waiting for you to reach, you noob. HAHA.

2nd row, 1 ticket for S$123. Tsk tsk ! I will never splurge on these boy !

Very worth it to be the "spare tyre" of the day, hahahaha !
Overdued pictures @ Powerhouse last Saturday.

Freaking bored in class. -_-

Finally my BBQ planning is done, thanks to Jumbo JM~ xoxo
60 - 70 people in a pit, can you imagine? Crazy shit.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Powerhouse sucks last night, the crowd sucks.

I arrived at 10.30pm and people are queueing like hell already. I don't know why as well?

If not because I went with Corliss, I would have to queue like them as well.

Saw alot of facebook friends and RP students. Ha !

We couldn't even dance in peace because everyone is walking past us like, FOREVER ! No kidding.

I was so fed up that I felt like going home.

I got squeezed and pushed to the other corner but thankfully Corliss' friend brought me back to where I was from after he saw me. HAHAHA.

Luis who's at Dragonfly wanted to come in to look for me couldn't get in either. Even the re-entry was queueing like hell.

I did not really enjoy my night overall compared to last week.

I was so freaking sober when I'm going home !

Ok, weekend's ending here. BYE.

Friday, October 9, 2009



Fell asleep while I was watching movie with Joseph & gang. I was like semi dreaming away but was awaken by Joseph who's sitting next to me, because he was making comments about the movie here and there. TSK.

Caught "Surrogate", it was not that good, if not I wouldn't have fell asleep, but actually the main reason is because I'm tired, nothing to do with the movie. Heh.

I'm watching it so as to spend time with them who came all the way down to AMK to meet Renee & me. (:

Birthday BBQ plan coming to a point like finally, because I am so lazy to plan! Thanks to LHX a.k.a Red Elephant who helped me !

50+ ppl in a pit, crazy shit.

School was alright, the class are already warmed up but I hate my New Media faci, he sucks. In fact, we ALL hate him. Can't believe he's our mentor and we're stucked with him for 15 weeks. My god !

Meeting Estee and gang for KTV tomorrow ! =D

I'm having such a busy week !

Now, I need a good rest.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I am pure Chinese la ! -.-

The end of my holiday. ):

Partied at St. James for the last time before school reopens, and I had lotsa fun with my bitch, although it was just the 2 of us ! =D

We were supposed to join Velvet and Jaz at Zirca but coincidentally Justin called me and invited me over to Powerhouse to join him and his friends.

So on second thought, Zirca plays Trance while Powerhouse plays R&B, and of course I decided to join Justin.

Althought I went with Justin and his friends, Lola and me ended up leaving the group and dancing by ourselves.

Met so many funny and weird people in the club, like always. Haha !
There's these 2 gentlemen who tried to "protect" us from the crowd who tried to squeezed through us. LOL.

They were so nice that even though we were all dancing so closely, they did not try to do anything funny. We even went back to them, who were our "bodyguard" of the night after the toilet/smoking breaks, haha. Not me smoking of course. I don't smoke !

Lola with her Lychee Martini

Me with mine, Justin's treat. =D

I forgot to camwhore with Justin and his friends which is such a waste because it's been ages since I saw him and his friends whom I couldn't remember seeing them before but they actually remembered me, amazing. :O

The two of us hit the dancefloor after drinking without the rest and danced for the next straight 3 hours or so till our legs almost broke.

Great clubbing experience with her though!

And now, I have to go get some sleep in order to get up in time for school tomorrow. Eng Chuan's my Math faci again. How suay ! PFFT*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I finally watched movie with my dear sister after so long. We could've watched Orphan together the other time, but... Don't wanna start what happened again. Haha !

Sis accompanied me to Create Talent for an interview for the face modelling thingy and I waited for nearing an hour for my turn and got so sick of waiting, I got up and told the front desk that I want to withdraw from this damn thing, and she asked me to go back tomorrow and she'll prioritize me in the queue.

I will be damn stupid if I believe her words again, because she told me I would be next when I asked her just now, but ended up I saw another 2 or 3 candidates going in before me. I have no idea what took the interviewer so long to finish interviewing them anyway. So I don't think I want to waste my time down there again. *Roll eyes*

Camwhored with sis while waiting for my turn, and the stupid lady came to tell us no photo taking is allowed and ask us to delete the pictures, like we would care. Haha !

Went to collect my paycheck and caught "Phobia2" with sis. The show is super cock ! The 5th story is not even a horror movie, it's damn freaking funny and retarded. So, only catch it if you are damn free or something.

Chris jioed me to Seven again. I think they're damn crazy over clubbing man !

Tomorrow shall be my last clubbing day at Zirca before school starts, hehe !

Counting down to my big day: 13 days ! =D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

People who know you the least, judge you the most.

How very true is that?

I'm mocking at you, who judge me only on the outside, when you knew nothing much about me at all. That shows how pathetically shallow you are.

I felt so frustrated, anguish and tired of trying to make you understand that going to places like this doesn't mean that I should be judged or labelled that way. Idiot.

Well, at least I tried, and since what I said just won't get into your head, fine then.

From that day onwards, I knew you see me differently, changing you attitude and point of view of me by 360 degrees. You claimed that you said nothing to judge me, but I could feel it. You didn't deny it after that anyway. You don't have to deny because it's so freaking obvious already.

Oh well, maybe it's just not meant to be although it's a pity because I love your voice, wahahaha! =X

I'd be thankful if you just stop texting me funny and contradicting things to confuse me again, so that I can stop thinking and guessing what the hell you are thinking about.

I've already taken my first step to delete you away from my MSN list. =)

I'm not talking about the friends who judge me by my looks by the way, because after they knew me well enough, they know I'm not that kind of person whom they thought I was.

Anyways, I enjoyed last night's party at Butterfactory! Except for the part that I waited for like 4.5hrs, from 7.30pm to 11pm for them to finish work. I just sat on the hotel's bed to nua and watch tv till they are finally ready to leave !

Saw some familiar faces there. (:

One of the unlucky thing is that my ex's friend saw me there (but I don't know who, even till now because he refused to tell me.) and went to tell him. I don't know what that person's intention was, but it's kinda freaky to know that someone is watching you from some corner to see whatever you are doing and report them to your ex boyfriend. =/

He refused to pick up my call saying that he's not ready to talk to me and is afraid that he would be lost for words, so I gave up. The same old him, living in his own world.

I forgot about his existence after that and continued partying with my friends and boy, was it fun ?!

I swear last night was my highest moments and I drank the most in all my clubbing experience, and Velvet was right, Butterfactory was the right place for me !

I kinda regretted drinking so much because I remember doing alot of unglam stuff in the club, and Vel took lots of unglam pictures of me!

Estee was no better after she got high on alchol. Initially she was so shy to dance but danced like no one was watching after drinking. =D

Overall I must say I enjoyed the night, and thanks Vel for bringing us there to party although you hate R&B to the max, promise to go Zouk or Zirca with you soon for your Trance, although I don't really like Trance. (:

Pictures will be uploaded after I get hold of them. =D

I want to play hard because school's starting next week and I haven't enjoy enough due to working so hard. ):

I got into W47C which is further and level 7? I'm so going to be late everyday. -____-

Same class ,anyone? =/