Friday, October 9, 2009



Fell asleep while I was watching movie with Joseph & gang. I was like semi dreaming away but was awaken by Joseph who's sitting next to me, because he was making comments about the movie here and there. TSK.

Caught "Surrogate", it was not that good, if not I wouldn't have fell asleep, but actually the main reason is because I'm tired, nothing to do with the movie. Heh.

I'm watching it so as to spend time with them who came all the way down to AMK to meet Renee & me. (:

Birthday BBQ plan coming to a point like finally, because I am so lazy to plan! Thanks to LHX a.k.a Red Elephant who helped me !

50+ ppl in a pit, crazy shit.

School was alright, the class are already warmed up but I hate my New Media faci, he sucks. In fact, we ALL hate him. Can't believe he's our mentor and we're stucked with him for 15 weeks. My god !

Meeting Estee and gang for KTV tomorrow ! =D

I'm having such a busy week !

Now, I need a good rest.

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