Monday, October 19, 2009


I am so freaking busy and lazy to update !

My birthday party was pretty successful I supposed? About 60 people showed up and only less than 5 stood me up. (Too hell with them, haha ! Just kidding ! =X)

Much food was wasted though, sigh !

Overall, my presents still did covered up all my expenses on the party. Wahaha ! Ok, that's not the point. :P

I really appreciate every single soul who came, and especially to those who helped ! Without you guys, I would not be able to handle. (:

Heaps of photos were taken but I had not get hold of all yet, and till then I would upload them. (:

Met Azmil and Renee and was supposed to collect my Comex paycheck at Parkway today but damn it, they wrote my name wrongly, and so I had to wait again. Dumb people !

Went to Town to meet Jumbo, Lion and "Wu Zun" for Jumbo's treat, heh. (:

Caught Sorority Row with the boys while Renee caught "500 Days of Summer" with her girlfriends.

Renee and my movie tickets were free, thanks to Azmil. Wahaha !

It was gore, but not too bad compared to the other gore shows that I watched before. Lionel was covering his ears 24/7, darn funny ! :X

Went HK Cafe with the girls after the movie and camwhored, LOL. Pictures will be uploaded soon because I'm too lazy to upload now.

I need to sleep badly now already, update soon ! :D

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