Monday, October 5, 2009

The end of my holiday. ):

Partied at St. James for the last time before school reopens, and I had lotsa fun with my bitch, although it was just the 2 of us ! =D

We were supposed to join Velvet and Jaz at Zirca but coincidentally Justin called me and invited me over to Powerhouse to join him and his friends.

So on second thought, Zirca plays Trance while Powerhouse plays R&B, and of course I decided to join Justin.

Althought I went with Justin and his friends, Lola and me ended up leaving the group and dancing by ourselves.

Met so many funny and weird people in the club, like always. Haha !
There's these 2 gentlemen who tried to "protect" us from the crowd who tried to squeezed through us. LOL.

They were so nice that even though we were all dancing so closely, they did not try to do anything funny. We even went back to them, who were our "bodyguard" of the night after the toilet/smoking breaks, haha. Not me smoking of course. I don't smoke !

Lola with her Lychee Martini

Me with mine, Justin's treat. =D

I forgot to camwhore with Justin and his friends which is such a waste because it's been ages since I saw him and his friends whom I couldn't remember seeing them before but they actually remembered me, amazing. :O

The two of us hit the dancefloor after drinking without the rest and danced for the next straight 3 hours or so till our legs almost broke.

Great clubbing experience with her though!

And now, I have to go get some sleep in order to get up in time for school tomorrow. Eng Chuan's my Math faci again. How suay ! PFFT*

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