Thursday, October 29, 2009

Partial-ed yesterday again with Renee and went to play pool at AMK with her classmate, Malcolm. LOL.

I lost to him in every rounds, but whatever la. I'm not pro in pool anyway. Pffft !

Me with Malcolm's black disgusting
boxer rabbit, LOL !

Went to Jurong Point with Renee after the game to meet her cousin to help him with his homework and accompanied him to look for his prom night attire. We really shopped and helped him look for his full attire already boy !

Oh yes, I saw another online friend unexpectedly in AMK when I was on my way home with Renee. Like again ! But this time he saw me, I didn't see him. So irritating la !

Free movie again today, thanks to Renee JM ! (:

Went to catch "Sister's Keeper" after school with Renee, HX, Lionel, Melvin and edmund at AMK Hub. The movie was alright, not as touching as I thought. At least, I didn't cry so badly. But still, it's meaningful and kinda sweet and heart-warming in some parts.

Pool session with W47C tomorrow, a chance to bond as a class. (:

And, it's been a long time since I go shopping ! ):

Ok, I've got to discipline myself to sleep early which is at least before 1am now. UT's next week already. OMG !! I'm still slacking away. 5 Absents and 3 partials in 4 week. How nice. HAHAHA !

Time to buck up !

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