Saturday, October 3, 2009

I finally watched movie with my dear sister after so long. We could've watched Orphan together the other time, but... Don't wanna start what happened again. Haha !

Sis accompanied me to Create Talent for an interview for the face modelling thingy and I waited for nearing an hour for my turn and got so sick of waiting, I got up and told the front desk that I want to withdraw from this damn thing, and she asked me to go back tomorrow and she'll prioritize me in the queue.

I will be damn stupid if I believe her words again, because she told me I would be next when I asked her just now, but ended up I saw another 2 or 3 candidates going in before me. I have no idea what took the interviewer so long to finish interviewing them anyway. So I don't think I want to waste my time down there again. *Roll eyes*

Camwhored with sis while waiting for my turn, and the stupid lady came to tell us no photo taking is allowed and ask us to delete the pictures, like we would care. Haha !

Went to collect my paycheck and caught "Phobia2" with sis. The show is super cock ! The 5th story is not even a horror movie, it's damn freaking funny and retarded. So, only catch it if you are damn free or something.

Chris jioed me to Seven again. I think they're damn crazy over clubbing man !

Tomorrow shall be my last clubbing day at Zirca before school starts, hehe !

Counting down to my big day: 13 days ! =D

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