Thursday, October 1, 2009

People who know you the least, judge you the most.

How very true is that?

I'm mocking at you, who judge me only on the outside, when you knew nothing much about me at all. That shows how pathetically shallow you are.

I felt so frustrated, anguish and tired of trying to make you understand that going to places like this doesn't mean that I should be judged or labelled that way. Idiot.

Well, at least I tried, and since what I said just won't get into your head, fine then.

From that day onwards, I knew you see me differently, changing you attitude and point of view of me by 360 degrees. You claimed that you said nothing to judge me, but I could feel it. You didn't deny it after that anyway. You don't have to deny because it's so freaking obvious already.

Oh well, maybe it's just not meant to be although it's a pity because I love your voice, wahahaha! =X

I'd be thankful if you just stop texting me funny and contradicting things to confuse me again, so that I can stop thinking and guessing what the hell you are thinking about.

I've already taken my first step to delete you away from my MSN list. =)

I'm not talking about the friends who judge me by my looks by the way, because after they knew me well enough, they know I'm not that kind of person whom they thought I was.

Anyways, I enjoyed last night's party at Butterfactory! Except for the part that I waited for like 4.5hrs, from 7.30pm to 11pm for them to finish work. I just sat on the hotel's bed to nua and watch tv till they are finally ready to leave !

Saw some familiar faces there. (:

One of the unlucky thing is that my ex's friend saw me there (but I don't know who, even till now because he refused to tell me.) and went to tell him. I don't know what that person's intention was, but it's kinda freaky to know that someone is watching you from some corner to see whatever you are doing and report them to your ex boyfriend. =/

He refused to pick up my call saying that he's not ready to talk to me and is afraid that he would be lost for words, so I gave up. The same old him, living in his own world.

I forgot about his existence after that and continued partying with my friends and boy, was it fun ?!

I swear last night was my highest moments and I drank the most in all my clubbing experience, and Velvet was right, Butterfactory was the right place for me !

I kinda regretted drinking so much because I remember doing alot of unglam stuff in the club, and Vel took lots of unglam pictures of me!

Estee was no better after she got high on alchol. Initially she was so shy to dance but danced like no one was watching after drinking. =D

Overall I must say I enjoyed the night, and thanks Vel for bringing us there to party although you hate R&B to the max, promise to go Zouk or Zirca with you soon for your Trance, although I don't really like Trance. (:

Pictures will be uploaded after I get hold of them. =D

I want to play hard because school's starting next week and I haven't enjoy enough due to working so hard. ):

I got into W47C which is further and level 7? I'm so going to be late everyday. -____-

Same class ,anyone? =/

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