Sunday, October 11, 2009


Powerhouse sucks last night, the crowd sucks.

I arrived at 10.30pm and people are queueing like hell already. I don't know why as well?

If not because I went with Corliss, I would have to queue like them as well.

Saw alot of facebook friends and RP students. Ha !

We couldn't even dance in peace because everyone is walking past us like, FOREVER ! No kidding.

I was so fed up that I felt like going home.

I got squeezed and pushed to the other corner but thankfully Corliss' friend brought me back to where I was from after he saw me. HAHAHA.

Luis who's at Dragonfly wanted to come in to look for me couldn't get in either. Even the re-entry was queueing like hell.

I did not really enjoy my night overall compared to last week.

I was so freaking sober when I'm going home !

Ok, weekend's ending here. BYE.

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