Thursday, October 15, 2009

Skipping class is inevitable :P

Skipped class with Renee JM yesterday and went Teo Heng for KTV session.

I look damn cui~

Bumped into Bearbear when I was rushing for the bus that he alighted. -__-
What the hell?First meeting must be this kind of scenario, huh?

He kept making fun of me being a "ganjiong spider" after that, BOO !

Tomorrow's gonna be my BIGGGGGGGG day already ! =D
My new classmates were damn nice and sweet, they gave me a big unexpected surprise and I almost cried sia. So touched, haha ! (:

Pictures to be uploaded soon after Amanda send me. (:

Weeee, skipping school tomorrow and I hope I won't get sabotage too badly tomorrow. =/

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