Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've been real slack in school these two days and am feeling rather guilty. =/

I woke up late yesterday and only reached class at 11.20am. When I stepped into the class, the faci gave me the "why did you still bother to turn up" kinda look. So on second thought, I left the class after the faci left and waited at the library for Renee to finish school.

Azmil came to join me later and was buzzing next to my ear non-stop, super irritating. HAHA.

Persuaded Jumbo HX to come accompany wait for Renee for our movie after that, and he came. :D

Yesterday was really not my day, HX passed me the memory stick where he saved the movies for me and I happily insert it into my laptop, and it got stuck inside. =.=

That 2 idiots except HX kept reminding me about the stucked memory stick which is still inside my laptop right now. =/

Went for lunch/dinner and went to CWP to get our tickets. While waiting for Lionel and the other 2 guys to reach, the 3 of us indulged ourselves to ice cream waffle and HX continued to try taking the memory stick out for me with the tweezer, and up making it worse ! TSKKKKK !

Now, I've to send my laptop to Fujitsu again ! PFFT !

We caught "Tsunami At Haeundae". It was a little draggy in the middle but the ending part was damn sad and frustrating. I was cursing and sobbing like I'm in the movie itself, LOL.

And today, I left class after 2nd meeting again to accompany Renee JM, SIGH. If I continue this way, I won't be able to take "leaves" at the end of the semester already. =/

The funny part is, we left class but stayed in school till 6pm, like we might as well stay in class.

I webcammed 4 person today and it was damn funny when I webcam Jade. She showed my webcam to all the guys in her class and I was damn embarrassed !

Mum wants me to skip school tomorrow for my relative's last day of funeral, but I really don't want to skip school again. What should I do man?

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