Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where are you?

I meant my voice. Ha !

Camwhored in class after everyone left. :D

Went to Fujitsu to get the damn memory stick out of my laptop with Renee and now nobody can disturb me about it. :D

Waited for like at least half an hour for them to fix it, HX and his friends waited with us at the Servie Centre and it was his birthday. So, feeling kind of bad, I went to his birthday celebration after his never ending plead. HAHA !

Because of you elephant, I didn't attend my friend's birthday ! You owe me one ! :P

Thanks to the steamboat, I've temporarily became a mute. I hope I'll be able to recover by Monday because I don't wanna miss school again !

Photos !

Frigging lazy to upload them all, so here's the link to my facebook albums. =D
My 21st bday

Didn't manage to snap photo of everyone though. ):

Being the photographer of the day, 99% of the photo is without me. :)
HX's 18th bday

Happy birthday to Jojo and Alvin ~ (:

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