Tuesday, October 13, 2009


STOMP on Sunday was superb ! :D

Thanks to ND's ex girlfriend who's so stupid enough to miss it and that gave me the chance to catxh the performance this year for free ! =D

And, ND you asked if I camwhored? Yes I did, while waiting for you to reach, you noob. HAHA.

2nd row, 1 ticket for S$123. Tsk tsk ! I will never splurge on these boy !

Very worth it to be the "spare tyre" of the day, hahahaha !
Overdued pictures @ Powerhouse last Saturday.

Freaking bored in class. -_-

Finally my BBQ planning is done, thanks to Jumbo JM~ xoxo
60 - 70 people in a pit, can you imagine? Crazy shit.

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