Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wasted day.

I’m finally home after wasting my day today out at Changi Airport. -_-

Supposed to be accompanying HX BFF & co to Expo for IT Show, but me and Renee were pretty late and we ended up deciding not to go for the show after receiving news that the whole place is packed and crowded like hell.

We trained to Changi Airport to wait for them to join us for dinner at Popeye together with Jasreen, and we stayed at that place for a freaking 2 or 3 hours? Like What the heck! I even ended up missing my last bus and had to take cab home. Damn, so not worth it. I don’t know what the hell my purpose of going out today at all is. -,-

I caught “A Christmas Carol” at Cineleisure last night with Renee and her little sister after slacking at Orchard and I think the movie was quite alright and not as bad as the negative comments I heard from others, at least there is a moral of the story. Renee’s sister was damn cute! Haha.

I am still kind of arguing with him every day, and to be honest the chat log DID affected my impression of him tremendously. But still, I don’t regret reading it because at least now I know what exactly happened between them if not I’d still be kept in the dark.

I was talking to Renee about my past relationship and about what I want, and the conclusion is I don’t know what I really want or maybe, I don’t want to face the fact of what I want because I know I cannot have it? I seriously don’t know. I’ve been treating him quite badly by showing him cold shoulder most of the time, but I really can’t help it. I feel really bad. I want to quickly get my feelings and thinking sorted out so as to give myself a break, and to be fair for both of us.

Corliss asked me to join him for club tomorrow night but I cannot go. He’s not entirely the reason for me to reject the offer but I reckon the company is part of the reason for me to decide not going but, I’m so craving for clubbing now boy! L I can’t wait for school holiday to come so that I can go clubbing!

I think I’ve not been myself these few days and I hate the way I am now.

I’m feeling Christmas. (: (:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After so long, I finally caught 2012 and guess what? Depite the show being so exciting, I fell asleep for a few times in the theatre because I was so tired. I've not been resting enough for the past few days.

I am still not sure of what I feel and what I want. How?

Argh !

Problems arising everyday, one after another. I'm sick of it already, really. I just hate it when people talk and not do, action speaks louder than words. Don't you know? I'm taking it too seriously? Perhaps it's you who took things too lightly? Fine, I won't care about this already, I'm just gonna let it be. Bye.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Decisions made and I'm keeping it low, making it known only either to people who already knew it and my close friends. Not sure if this is the right choice because this was made under a pressured circumstances, but I know time will tell.

Somehow, I feel that my old self is back again and I don't like it. But, I really don't like the idea that I have to ask about everything. Ah whatever, I'm freaking exhausted and don't wanna think of anything already.

I kept wanting to hack care about things that I felt is not under control despite knowing that it irritates him, but I can't help it. Since I thought it is not under my control, I don't wish to care much. Why is it after talking nicely, something have to happen to cause conflict? I don't like it, really. It's so tiring la. And guess what? This is only the start.

Maybe it's just me. What the heck is wrong with me? But I do believe it takes two hands to clap.

Working again tomorrow. It's like Monday to Friday, school. Saturday and Sunday, work. Freaking no life.

& I'm off to sleep.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The uncertainty is growing vividly in me, I seriously don't know what I'm thinking and what I want. Somehow, the trust is still not there, or will it even be there?

I have no idea.

The guilt in me grew stronger and stronger and I think this is getting me nowhere, what is the right thing that I should do, can someone tell me?

I need solution.

Renee JM overslept (like again !) and didn't come to school for lesson, but she was so sweet enough to come to school to meet me after school and accompanying me tke bus back to AMK. Love her to the max ! (: (:

I guess everything will be exposed soone or later, pfft ! Whatever it is the most worrying thing that I'm concerned of is still that particular person, what would her reaction be? Hmmm...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Talks are cheap.

Seriously, say what you mean and mean what you say. Do what you say, and don't say it if you cannot manage to do it.

All I can say is, I have a sucky Monday.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that UT is finally over, and Communication which is as easy as ABC marked the last UT.

Meet up with all my friends soon soon soon.
& now, I'm totally drained out. Later !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I need to sleep.


Confused =S

Should I or should I not? I don't know !

So many other factors and reasons, I don't wanna think now, I need to sleep badly !

Monday is the last UT, yay !
I'm to lazy to log further, later ! (:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have been late for school in the past 2 days already, reason being that I really haven't got enough sleep at all. I was so exhausted that I lied down in front of my laptop halfway through doing my RJ, and fell asleep. -_-

Lots of things happened in the past few days, and although some are not directly linked to me, I'm somehow still affected, because it revolved my friends, my close ones. I hope it will be over soon. Right now, I just don't want to care about that issue because it's pretty tiring.

Oh yes, I've got letter from RP saying I've been absent for classes already, which mean I really can't skip school until towards the end of semester, pffft !

Lunched with Renee JM and M, and went back home with M today, like finally after talking about it for a million times. HA ! Decided to chill somewhere after we accompany each other's place to put our bags at home. Went to Ice-Kimo to have ice cream and we rotted there all the way till 9pm, haha. Laughed and talk nonsense, and he really laugh at anything, ANYTHING. Whatever I say, he laughed. DOTsxz.

Starting work again tomorrow with my ex company. Now all my weekends are burnt ! PFFFT !

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween this year sucks for me, supposed to go Night Safari on Friday night with Renee and her friends but it rained so heavily, we had to cancel our plans.

That wasn't all, we had to run through the heavy rain to my house and we were seriously damn pathetic after getting caught in the rain. She had to slacked at my house till the rain stop and we both went for supper and I sent her off.

It rained heavily again on Saturday and my plans had to be cancelled again. Pffft !

I'm so gonna participate in Halloween next year !

Sunday at SX's birthday was kinda fun. Ed, JH and me reached there extremely early for mahjong and the rest came much later. Too bad I missed the cake, it looked so tempting. SIGH !

Pictures are on Facebook as usual and so I'm not gonna post it here to save the trouble, mine. :P

I was pretty alert and participative in Math class today, like for the first time. :D

It all went well until 2nd meeting when I start to MSN with alot of people and facebook was seriously a hugeass distraction. Damn ! But I still manage to catch up on what's going on so I hope, no more grade C for Math !

Dragged myself to Dover (SP) to meet HX, Lionel, Melvin and Edmund just for the sake of the movie HX downloaded for me, was super unwilling to travel that far but I ain't got no choice because someone threatened me ! (SLAP ME SOME MORE =X)

Whenever Renee is not with me, I get bullied by them, stupid ! Especially you, LHX, "mei da mei xiao" !

Met that lamer Malcolm to accompany him for supper after I got back to Thomson and that idiot kept introducing me to his "friends" as the crazy one. WTH ! Spoilt my reputation totally, damn him !

UT's starting tomorrow and I studied nothing yet, good luck to me boy !

P/S: So many weird guys around me, WHY?!