Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The uncertainty is growing vividly in me, I seriously don't know what I'm thinking and what I want. Somehow, the trust is still not there, or will it even be there?

I have no idea.

The guilt in me grew stronger and stronger and I think this is getting me nowhere, what is the right thing that I should do, can someone tell me?

I need solution.

Renee JM overslept (like again !) and didn't come to school for lesson, but she was so sweet enough to come to school to meet me after school and accompanying me tke bus back to AMK. Love her to the max ! (: (:

I guess everything will be exposed soone or later, pfft ! Whatever it is the most worrying thing that I'm concerned of is still that particular person, what would her reaction be? Hmmm...

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