Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween this year sucks for me, supposed to go Night Safari on Friday night with Renee and her friends but it rained so heavily, we had to cancel our plans.

That wasn't all, we had to run through the heavy rain to my house and we were seriously damn pathetic after getting caught in the rain. She had to slacked at my house till the rain stop and we both went for supper and I sent her off.

It rained heavily again on Saturday and my plans had to be cancelled again. Pffft !

I'm so gonna participate in Halloween next year !

Sunday at SX's birthday was kinda fun. Ed, JH and me reached there extremely early for mahjong and the rest came much later. Too bad I missed the cake, it looked so tempting. SIGH !

Pictures are on Facebook as usual and so I'm not gonna post it here to save the trouble, mine. :P

I was pretty alert and participative in Math class today, like for the first time. :D

It all went well until 2nd meeting when I start to MSN with alot of people and facebook was seriously a hugeass distraction. Damn ! But I still manage to catch up on what's going on so I hope, no more grade C for Math !

Dragged myself to Dover (SP) to meet HX, Lionel, Melvin and Edmund just for the sake of the movie HX downloaded for me, was super unwilling to travel that far but I ain't got no choice because someone threatened me ! (SLAP ME SOME MORE =X)

Whenever Renee is not with me, I get bullied by them, stupid ! Especially you, LHX, "mei da mei xiao" !

Met that lamer Malcolm to accompany him for supper after I got back to Thomson and that idiot kept introducing me to his "friends" as the crazy one. WTH ! Spoilt my reputation totally, damn him !

UT's starting tomorrow and I studied nothing yet, good luck to me boy !

P/S: So many weird guys around me, WHY?!

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