Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have been late for school in the past 2 days already, reason being that I really haven't got enough sleep at all. I was so exhausted that I lied down in front of my laptop halfway through doing my RJ, and fell asleep. -_-

Lots of things happened in the past few days, and although some are not directly linked to me, I'm somehow still affected, because it revolved my friends, my close ones. I hope it will be over soon. Right now, I just don't want to care about that issue because it's pretty tiring.

Oh yes, I've got letter from RP saying I've been absent for classes already, which mean I really can't skip school until towards the end of semester, pffft !

Lunched with Renee JM and M, and went back home with M today, like finally after talking about it for a million times. HA ! Decided to chill somewhere after we accompany each other's place to put our bags at home. Went to Ice-Kimo to have ice cream and we rotted there all the way till 9pm, haha. Laughed and talk nonsense, and he really laugh at anything, ANYTHING. Whatever I say, he laughed. DOTsxz.

Starting work again tomorrow with my ex company. Now all my weekends are burnt ! PFFFT !

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