Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wasted day.

I’m finally home after wasting my day today out at Changi Airport. -_-

Supposed to be accompanying HX BFF & co to Expo for IT Show, but me and Renee were pretty late and we ended up deciding not to go for the show after receiving news that the whole place is packed and crowded like hell.

We trained to Changi Airport to wait for them to join us for dinner at Popeye together with Jasreen, and we stayed at that place for a freaking 2 or 3 hours? Like What the heck! I even ended up missing my last bus and had to take cab home. Damn, so not worth it. I don’t know what the hell my purpose of going out today at all is. -,-

I caught “A Christmas Carol” at Cineleisure last night with Renee and her little sister after slacking at Orchard and I think the movie was quite alright and not as bad as the negative comments I heard from others, at least there is a moral of the story. Renee’s sister was damn cute! Haha.

I am still kind of arguing with him every day, and to be honest the chat log DID affected my impression of him tremendously. But still, I don’t regret reading it because at least now I know what exactly happened between them if not I’d still be kept in the dark.

I was talking to Renee about my past relationship and about what I want, and the conclusion is I don’t know what I really want or maybe, I don’t want to face the fact of what I want because I know I cannot have it? I seriously don’t know. I’ve been treating him quite badly by showing him cold shoulder most of the time, but I really can’t help it. I feel really bad. I want to quickly get my feelings and thinking sorted out so as to give myself a break, and to be fair for both of us.

Corliss asked me to join him for club tomorrow night but I cannot go. He’s not entirely the reason for me to reject the offer but I reckon the company is part of the reason for me to decide not going but, I’m so craving for clubbing now boy! L I can’t wait for school holiday to come so that I can go clubbing!

I think I’ve not been myself these few days and I hate the way I am now.

I’m feeling Christmas. (: (:

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