Friday, December 18, 2009

First day of school, sucked.

The title sucked as much as it really did.

First day of school is already dreadful enough, but how does having Mathematics on the first day sounds like? It's like the suckiest day ever.

So much things happened over the holidays and I had no time to blog at all due to many reasons, i hardly had the chance to even touch my laptop.

So much I had to say but I don't know where to start with, so here's a brief post of what I did over the holidays.

Let's talk about my Christmas. Went to Zouk for the first time with Renee and girlfriends for countdown on the eve of Christmas and it was also Jas' birthday, so one stone killed two birds.

I was pretty disappointed with the music in Phuture, I thought I still prefer Powerhouse DJ alot more. First time in Zouk, and I'm already disappointed. How nice.

On Christmas Day itself, went to catch Chipmnks 2 with him and dinner with his family.

Met up with my secondary school friends and caught Old Dogs, the show was great. Watch it !

Went to Helipad to club on New Year's Eve with gfs, him and his friends. The music was freaking Trance for the whole night, damn it ! Luckily, it was free entry for the girls but the guys wasted their time and money there for nothing. We left the club at 1am because the music was really not our cup of tea. everyone splitted up, me and him went to join his family for another 2 rounds of drinks. They drank like nobody's business, madness ! I was so close to drunk or was I already drunk? I remember not being able to walk properly even after I showered.

Bad start of 2010, because I found out something shocking that still affects me greatly, maybe to him too. I need time to bury this incident behind me and hope it really will not happen again.

Things are not going very smoothly for me this year and I certainly hope things will get better and not worse.

I must say I did not really enjoy the holiday at all because I've been working quite alot and the fact that I haven't even got my first paycheck, whathefuck !

Nevertheless, over the holiday, I can see the great change that he had for me and I appreciate his effort. It is probably the reason why I forgave his gravely mistake. but of course, no more 3rd chance !

I'm supposed to be doing my Math worksheet but here I am blogging. HAHA !

Alright, conclusion. I'm partialling today still, muahahahaha. Hopeless*

P/S Lotsa photos, facebook me to see. Too lazy to upload in this sucky blogger. Ciao ciao. (:

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