Monday, December 14, 2009

Laziness got the better of me

Yes, I'm being lazy to blog yet again, but guess what? Today marks the last day of school, here comes the term break ! Woohoo !

Actually I got nothing much to be excited about because I've got to spend almost everyday of my holiday working my ass off except for what? 6 days? What the heck am I thinking man? I really felt bad that before holiday, I already have not much time to spend with him, and now it's holiday i am still busy with work. And worse of all, I think I spent more time with friends than him because I don't want to end up like my past, neglecting my friends for my relationship. i need a balance. but now, I guess the balance is pretty much unfair for him, haha.

I think I just need some time to adjust a little.

Have still been arguing with him quite a bit recently, I think this is not going to stop, not anytime soon, probably because I'm too hard to please. Haha. But oh well...

Have been out with him and his friends during the weekends and both night, his friends made us waited like fools for at least 1 hour or 2. I was super pissed off and of cause this led me to blame it on him and started venting my anger on him. I just hate to wait, let alone waiting for so long. All because of all this waiting and dragging, I had to go to work like a walking corpse only having 3 hours of sleep.

I finally caught "New Moon" but was kind of disappointed with it though. I thought Twilight was much better than that, but ! Jacob was so so so so HOT after he had that disgusting long hair chopped off!!! OMGsxz !

I kept going on and on about how cute he is to him, and he was like.................................. But seriously, he's damn hot ! =D

Alright, and now I'll stop here and I don't know when I will be free to blog again. My whole December is packed like hell !

But again, holiday is here ! Happy holiday people ! :D

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